See-Through Owl Halloween Party Favors


See-Through Owl Halloween Party Favors was originally written for my other blog that I had to say farewell to! BUT, the good news is that I still wanted to share this fun owl craft with you.

We are having a few friends over this year to take our kids trick-or-treating on Halloween.  I just couldn’t resist making a few favors for this small get together. I started out by putting together some tasty favor bags filled with spooky eyeballs and Halloween colored gumballs, Halloween Mix Sixlets, colorful Foiled Solid Milk Balls, and Solid Milk Jack-O-Lantern Discs.

I made my own tags with cardstock and Halloween craft punches.



I also wanted to make a fun recycled craft out of old food boxes and Ziploc bags.  I wanted to make sure you could see the colorful candies inside.  Here’s how I made these cute see-through Owl Halloween Party Favors.


First, cut your boxes so that they are easy to work with.  For these favors, I cut 6”X 3.5” pieces. Each favor uses two pieces (front and back).


Next, using a 2” circle punch, punch two holes for the eyes.


Punch out 4” circles for the eyes, punching a 2” hole inside on black cardstock.  Cut a small triangle in orange for the beak.


Line the inside of your front with a Ziploc bag, securing it with tape


You want your favor to look like this.


Staple the three sides of your favor box together, leaving the top open. Glue on the eyes and beak.  Insert your candy and staple the center. Close the top right and left with tape. For these favors, I used candy coated chocolates in fun Halloween colors.


There you have it… adorable See-Through Owl Halloween Party Favors!

recycled-craft-owl-favor-7 (1)

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