Clever and New Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Over 20 Brand New Elf on the Shelf Ideas for this Year

As you know, I am NO stranger to the cute little elf that visits us ever year. I mean, I even started a new Etsy shop for very unique elf printables!

I know I am a little late in posting these ideas but these are all new that were submitted this year from my personal Facebook friends and their friends.  There were so many good ones. Elves are so creative and funny! I tell ya!

Let’s get started!

20 Clever and New Ideas

These first four include:

  1. Elf blowing bubbles with bubble gum and a balloon
  2. The elf brought cake with little elf feet sticking out of a snow bank. Learn how to make the elf legs here.
  3. This guy showed up with a goodie basket with his favorite movie, Elf of course, for a movie night!
  4. This elf stacked some toilet paper with his St. Bernard.

Next up:

  1. Did someone say elf pizza?
  2. Margret Bean’s elf broke her leg sled riding.
  3. Holy moly! We have an elf cabinet climber!
  4. This elf listens to Sia…

These four came from a mother with all boys:

  1. Ooops! This elf pea’d himself…get it? PEA’D? Ha!
  2. Ew.
  3. Only elves would have a chocolate ball pit!
  4. Ouch!

These next four are BEYOND clever!

  1. This elf had a rough night and needed some massage therapy.
  2. Roasting a pig after returning from a trip to Hawaii.
  3. Itty bitty elf shoes!
  4. Her name is Tipsy.

You can do any of these last four with items from the Dollar Store.

  1. Elf trapped in a Snow Globe (glass bowl)
  2. Saving elf
  3. Elf in a balloon pit or a green bubble bath.
  4. Sushi elf!



Here’s a YouTube video I made of over 75 things our elf has done in the past!

More Elf Ideas

If you need even more ideas, check these out!
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How to Make Elf Shoes – One day Mia asked why Josie did have shoes. The next day she showed up with a new pair!

Best Elf on the Shelf Ideas – This post shows the first night our elf showed up and nine other adorable ideas including a letter our elf wrote after a day of my daughter misbehaving.

Elf on the Shelf Bad Day Poem with Printable – Speaking of misbehaving, I ended up creating this FREE printable with a poem from your elf for the day after your child(ren) has been not so nice.

Unique Elf on the Shelf Ideas– Some creative ideas I did for Days 1-10 one year.

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