Elf on the Shelf Bad Day Poem with Printable

Oh my! Well, we had a rough day the other day. My daughter had an off day of crying and disobedience. I’m not sure what went wrong, because she’s a pretty good kid most of the time. I was so frustrated with her by the end of the day; I really wanted to take away her elf, Josie. Perhaps Josie would just spend the day at the North Pole instead because of Mia’s bad behavior. But because my daughter is only four, my husband and I weren’t sure if she would fully understand, so I decided to give her a warning and wrote this Elf on the Shelf Bad Day Poem instead.


Yesterday was tough, you had a bad day!

I should have left, but decided to stay.

Please listen to Mommy and Daddy as well.

Be a good kid and your ELF will not tell.

Santa expects the best from us all.

Spread good acts of kindness, none are too small.

Next time this happens, I will not appear.

Today’s a fresh start. Understand me, my dear?


Elf on the Shelf Bad Day Poem

You can download the printable for free here:  Elf on the Shelf Bad Day Poem

Elf on the Shelf Bad Day Poem Printable


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