Stenciled Monogrammed Placemats Tutorial


Quick and Easy Stenciled Monogrammed Placemats Tutorial

I love my Thanksgiving placemats.  They are simple, black and white, with a script style.  It has words like, “gratitude”, “share”, “Blessings”, and “thanks”… perfect for a Thanksgiving dinner party.  BUT you know me, and I had to spruce them up a little.  I thought a little shimmer of gold would be a nice touch.  I did a similar post in the past on burlap placemats I made.  It’s quite the popular post! With that said, here is my stenciled monogrammed placemats tutorial.

monogram-stenciled-placemats (580x385)

Here’s What You Need

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Time: 30 Minutes


Here are my lovely placemats. Pretty but needed a little oomph. I bought them at Pier One Imports. If you have trouble finding them, I have seen similar ones at TJ Maxx and HomeGoods. 

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A “W” for our last name, Wulf, was an appropriate choice.  I love collecting “W’s” and they are all over my house. A good stencil size is 3″ or 4″. I purchased these online.

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First, place a small amount of paint onto your paper plate.  Dip the spouncer brush in the paint and allow the paint to saturate the end of the brush.  Stamp the excess paint onto the plate BEFORE you apply it to the placemat.  Once your brush is saturated (without any clumps of paint), apply the paint in an up and down stamping motion.  This will avoid bleeding.

I chose to use Martha Stewart® Multi-Surface Metallic Craft Paint. I love this paint and it comes in many colors to go with your decor. It also goes on very smoothly.

stenciling-tips-and-tricks (5)

You can immediately remove the stencil.  It is important to rinse the stencil from paint in between each placemat and dry it with two dish towels.  I had quite the system going on! I was actually able to finish this project very quickly (about a half hour).

stenciling-tips-and-tricks (1)

Allow your placemats to dry completely.

stenciling-tips-and-tricks (2)

Washing Your Stenciled Monogrammed Placemats

I have had these placemats for YEARS. It’s important to note that I do not put them in the washing machine, rather I hand wash and spot clean. The paint has stayed good as new and has never flaked off. Once the paint is “cured” the instructions on the Martha Stewart paints say that it is washable, however I have not tried. I DO know that Martha has never failed me. Ha ha!

That’s it!  These would make great personalized gifts.  I was thinking of making sets of 4 for my friends.  You can also stencil on cloth napkins and give them as a set. Make a set of two for your favorite couple and give it as a hostess gift as well!

monogram-stenciled-placemats (580x385)

DIY Monogrammed Stenciled Placemats - DIY Inspired

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This post was originally published on 11/14/2013, however was updated and improved.

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  1. I know I can’t be the first person to ask… but where did you get your placemats? I LOVE them! And the monogram on them is perfect! Please let me know where to get those placemats!


  2. I love the placemats, but are they washable? Will the monogram flake off? What brand of paint did you use?

    1. Hi Monica! I used Martha Stewart brand paint. I have had these place mats with monogram for 5 years now. The paint is washable, however I have not washed these place mats in a machine; only hand washed and air dried. Hope this helps!

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