Repurposed Bed Spring Christmas Bells


Trash to Treasure: Repurposed Bed Spring Christmas Bells

Repurposed Bed Spring Christmas Bells

Old bed springs can be repurposed into so many different things. I had a few left over from a trip to the Long Beach Antique Swap Meet that I purchased for $1 apiece so I wanted to make something festive for the upcoming holidays.  I found this rustic bell ornament on sale and together with my bed springs, I made these repurposed bed spring Christmas bells.

Bed Spring Crafts

Time: 10-20 Minutes


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The first thing I did was dismantle my bell ornament with pliers.  I couldn’t find just bells, and this was a great find considering the sale price, plus I was also able to use the pine and berry embellishment too.

Rustic Christmas Bells

Bed Spring Christmas Bells Craft Idea

I cut a piece of twine attaching one end to the bell and the other end to the top center of the bed spring. Make sure to leave a generous amount of twine at the top to use to hang your bells.

Bed Spring Christmas Bells Craft

Repeat with a second bed spring and bell and then tie the two bells together at the top.

Upcycled Bed Springs

Embellish your bed spring bells with ribbon, pine, berries, or small pine cones.

Repurposed Bed Spring Christmas Bells DIY Inspired

These Repurposed Bed Spring Christmas Bells were so simple, inexpensive, and fun to make.  They make great gifts for friends and neighbors who have a rustic chic style. Be sure to check out more repurposed bed spring ideas.

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