Emerald Green and Gold DIY Stool Makeover


Easy DIY Furniture Makeover: Emerald Green and Gold DIY Stool Makeover

So, it’s time to finally do a craft room makeover.  I loved the craft room in my old house, but since moving into this new house, the craft room has become the least inspirational place in our entire house. Not good. I thought I’d start small and do this simple DIY stool makeover.

I originally made over these wooden stools years ago.  I liked them still, however they needed an update, especially if the craft room is going to get a new look. Here’s the before and after of the first makeover.

Now, after trying to remove the staples, I quickly decided to stop and just place the new fabric over the old one. It was easier this way; plus I wouldn’t have to replace the cushion inside. Here’s what I used.


Watch the video tutorial:


First, I spray painted the legs green. Be sure to spray outdoors or in a well-ventilated area, protecting your work area. I sprayed three light coats and waited 15 minutes in between coats. Once the paint is completely dry, tape off the section that you want gold. Then, tape off any green area with newspaper. I sprayed two light coats of gold, again waiting fifteen minutes in between coats. Once the paint is dry, remove the tape and newspaper.

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Next, cut the fabric to fit over the seat, placing the seat upside down in the center of the fabric. Pull the fabric taut and staple the fabric around the stool. Trim and excess.

That’s it! Super easy! The hardest part of this is waiting for the paint to dry! Here are some photos.

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