Cheap and Easy Haunted Halloween Hallway

Haunted Halloween Gallery

The very first year I started blogging, I wrote a post called Haunted Halloween Pictures. In this post, I share how to make all these spooky paper pictures and frames. I actually made these back in 2007 and they’ve lasted me all these years. They easily store, and I have managed to reuse them year after year for Halloween parties, including in this haunted Halloween Hallway.

Haunted Halloween Hallway and Gallery

Haunted Halloween Scary Pictures DIY

For my best friend’s husband’s 40th birthday last year, I hauled over a bunch of my decorations the day after Halloween for his birthday party (which I will share soon). By the way, this is the costume I wore to the party and it was SO comfortable. We decorated the entire house including the outside. I wanted to share this hallway because it literally cost me a few dollars for the whole thing and I got so many compliments on it.

Haunted Halloween Eerie Portraits

I wrote about how I made them in detail here. All you need is a computer, paper, scissors and glue!

Haunted Halloween Mansion

Haunted Halloween Hallway

We simply taped over my friend’s photos all the way down her hallway to create a haunted gallery.

Haunted Halloween Scary Photos

Haunted Halloween Ship

I made up random names for each photo and embellished some of them with plastic rhinestones.

Haunted Halloween Party Portrait

Haunted Halloween Spooky Pictures

Haunted Halloween Scary Pictures

Haunted Halloween Party Pictures

Haunted Halloween Pictures

I think it cost me $5.00-$10.00 for the entire hallway of photos.

Haunted Halloween Portrait

Haunted Halloween Hallway Lables

Haunted Halloween Scary Portrait

Haunted Halloween Picture Lables

Here are a few more Halloween ideas:

Haunted Halloween Hallway DIY Inspired

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