DIY Carrot Easter Eggs


DIY Carrot Easter Eggs Craft

The other day I was looking through an Oriental Trading Company magazine and saw these cute carrot Easter eggs. A split second later I thought, I can make a version of that! I dug through my craft room and my Easter bin in the garage and found the perfect plastic eggs to make these adorable DIY Carrot Easter Eggs. You only need three materials.

Plastic Easter Egg Craft

Time: 10-15 Minutes


DIY Carrot Easter Eggs Materials

These are so easy to make, and it actually took me just a few minutes. First, cut the green pipe cleaners in half. Each pipe cleaner will make two sets of carrot leaves.

DIY Carrot Easter Eggs Craft Supplies

Next, make “bunny ears” with one pipe cleaner. The lengths do not need to match.

DIY Carrot Easter Eggs with Pipe Cleaners

Carefully cut the top of the wider half of the plastic Easter egg. Most plastic Easter eggs already have holes in them, which makes this part easy. Parents, please do this step for small children, as it is a little tricky to snip.

DIY Carrot Easter Eggs

Carefully insert the pipe cleaner leaves into the slit.

DIY Carrot Easter Eggs Craft Idea

With a little maneuvering, the leaves will stay put. Turn the egg upside down and tuck the pipe cleaner up against the plastic inside the egg.

DIY Carrot Plastic Eggs

Fill your eggs with candy and hide them in the yard or put them in an Easter basket!

DIY Carrot Easter Eggs - DIY Inspired

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