Scary Outdoor Halloween Party Decorating Ideas

Scary Outdoor Halloween Party Decorating Ideas

We shared some scary indoor Halloween party decorating ideas for a friend’s 40th birthday party. Today we are sharing outdoor Halloween decorating ideas.  If you haven’t checked it out, see the inside of the party first so you get the full effect!

Front Yard Halloween Decorating

Life sized skeletons, hay bales, and corn stalks are great for Halloween Party decorating. These can be found at Lowe’s or Home Depot. Use zip ties to hang stalks and skeletons around posts.

Here is an example of creatively using skeletons and hay bales. Some items you need to complete this Skeleton car are:

  • Zip Ties
  • Various Yard Stakes
  • Bicycle Wreath Frame (Dollar Tree)
  • Cardboard
  • Wreath
  • Rake
  • Old License Plate

Watch this quick Instagram Reel to find out the tips and tricks for putting this Skeleton Hay Bale Car together.

Car Skeleton Decorating Idea

Halloween Skeleton Decorating Ideas

Using Skeletons for Halloween

Backyard Halloween Party Decorations

Coming out the back sliding door of my friend’s home, there is a playhouse and a trampoline for her three kids.  We wanted to disguise this as best as we could so we worked it into the decorations.  We turned the playhouse into a mini haunted house by placing the headless man and headless woman costumes made years ago on chairs, and used pumpkins on their laps as their heads. Cob webs were also placed all over the house and added an inexpensive keep out sign.

We hung a scary skeleton in the inside center of the trampoline and wrapped the outside with caution tape. Underneath the trampoline we made it look like a graveyard. We decorated the cocktail tables with fake bones and some paper spider laced doilies we made.

Headless Man and Woman Halloween Decorations

Halloween Party Decorating Ideas (1)

Halloween Party Decorating Ideas

Halloween Party Ideas Outdoor

Spooky Cocktail Table and Table Centerpieces

For the dinner table centerpieces we grouped bones, candles, and wine bottles we made back in 2008 (the same year I made those tarot cards…both store really well)!
Bone Halloween Party Centerpieces

Bone Halloween Party Centerpieces (2)

Bone Halloween Party Centerpieces (1)

Halloween Party Ideas Outdoor (1)

Wine Bottle Halloween Decorating Idea

Wine Bottle Halloween Decorating Idea (2)

Wine Bottle Halloween Decorating Idea (1)

Upcycled Pirate Wine Bottles

To make the wine bottles, all you need is recycled wine bottles, scrapbook or construction paper, tape or a glue stick, and your computer. These were inspired by the  Pirates of the Caribbean setting. We were able to use them again for a child’s pirate themed birthday party.


First, remove the labels from your wine bottles by soaking them in warm soapy water.  The type of wine and the type of label will determine the length of time to soak.  Some bottles need a few hours, and some need a full day.  As you notice the label coming off, use the rough side of a sponge to rub the label off.

In the meantime, use clipart, Google Images, or your own design to come up with pirate or Halloween themed labels.

Here are some ideas:

  • Pirate’s Rum
  • XXX
  • Witches Brew
  • Poison
  • Skull and cross bones
  • Ghostly clipper ship
  • Fallen Angel
  • Black Magic
  • Witch’s Blood
  • Deadman’s Rum
  • Time flies when you’re having rum
  • Bloody Rum
  • Devil’s Poison
  • Pirate’s Choice
  • Vampire’s Elixir
  • Ghostly Spirits

Next print out your labels, embellish them with colored scrapbook paper or construction paper to make a boarder, and tape them to you wine bottle. Glue red rhinestones in the eyes of a skull and cross bones.  Be as creative as you want!  There is no wrong way of doing this easy craft! Surround your pirate wine bottles with skulls, bones, plastic spiders, and Mardi Gras beads.

More Outdoor Decorating Ideas

We hung spider webs, monsters, and skeletons all over the back yard. We even had a giant spider.

Spider Web and Spider

Spider Web and Spider (1)

Scary Halloween Decor

Scary Halloween Decor (2)

Scary Halloween Decor (1)

Halloween Party Ideas Outdoor (2)

Because we pulled all of our decorations together, this fairly elaborately decorated party did not cost very much! Don’t forget to check out the inside of the house! Happy (early) Halloween!

Scary Halloween Party Decor Ideas


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