Flea Market Finds

Useful Flea Market Finds for Everyday Use

Flea Markets are a fun way to hunt for inexpensive great pieces and repurpose them into something new.

Copy a Restoration Hardware look and collect old books.  Antique books are very easy to find and can at times literally cost pennies.

The industrial look of these old metal card drawers is popular these days.  Use them to store craft and office supplies or makeup.

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Metal Card Catalogue

Sometimes Old Chips and Cracks add Character

This old milk crate was five dollars at a flea market in Orange, California. It’s a little beat up, but it tells a story and adds to the uniqueness of the piece. Add recycled sauce jars, turn it on its side, and use it for makeup and hair products.

Old crates and boxes can be repainted and used to display collections or for home accents in a living room, dining room, or guest room.

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These old rusty horse shoes at a local flea market for two dollars apiece and can be used as a coat or hat rack.

Check out this old wooden basket turned upside down.  Add an inexpensive lamp kit from a hardware store and Voila!

Here are some other interesting flea market lighting ideas.

Flea Market Finds are Interesting Accent Pieces

Antique seltzer bottles are great flea market find to display in a bar or entertaining space and even great in a bathroom or guest room.  They can run anywhere from $10 to $50 a piece and come clear or colored.

Window shutters are fairly easy to find.  Use them to prop behind a side table or place two or three side by side to create a headboard. You can also use them to organize mail or display cards and photos.


To find some antique markets and flea markets in your area search in Yelp or Google for the best flea markets near you.

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    1. Aren’t they great? The last time I was their, they remembered me and said they had several if I needed anymore. They thought is was “original” that I used them as coat hangers. I don’t think it was their taste 😉 Thanks for stopping by!

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