DIY Disney Inspired Tulle Skirts

Easy DIY Disney Inspired Tulle Skirts

A few years ago (circa 2011 or 2012) I wrote a horrible, but popular post on this.  By horrible I mean I didn’t do a very good job of explaining how to make these DIY Disney inspired tulle skirts.  The reason I know this is because I got so many comments with questions on how to make it.  Needless to say, I left a lot of detailed information out.  So, this post is my attempt to compile all those questions and answers and make a better tutorial for these DIY Disney costumes. I’ll break it down to child size tutorial and adult skirt tutorial variations.

Child Size Disney Inspired Tulle Skirts


Note: Yards of tulle at a fabric store is much cheaper, however pre-cut rolls like these make it more convenient and simple.  Consider buying from a fabric store if you are making a larger (or longer) costume.


First, using the yard stick as an aide cut the entire roll of tulle in 20” strips.  One by one fold each strip in half and knot it around the ribbon waistband.  This will make the length of the skirt just under 10 inches. Make sure you start in the center of the ribbon and make your way out on each side.  When you are finished, the skirt will be about 20” around.  You can slide and maneuver the tulle to make it a little smaller or wider as needed.  Tie the ribbon in a bow to “close” it. For Alice in Wonderland, I cut out a felt spade and glued it on the front with hot glue. I also tied black bows in the front.


Adult Size Disney Inspired Tulle Skirts

Variation to above Materials:

  • 11-12 yards (approximately 6 red, 4 white, 2 black)

Variations to Instructions:

For this adult skirt I bought tulle by the yard because it was much cheaper that way. I measured from my hips to ankles and doubled it for the length. Cut the tulle in 5”-6” wide strips. I only used one layer of tulle all around and wore black tights underneath. Work in a large area like the floor. When making a long skirt like this, run your fingers through the strips as you make each knot to prevent tangles. It is also helpful if you tie the band around a chair back (or something similar) so that it stays in place as you add each strip. I cut out three red felt hearts and hot glued them to the front.


Here is an adult Ursula the Sea Witch tutu I made as well.


Other DIY Disney Inspired Tulle Skirt Ideas

Here is a color guide for other characters you may want to consider:

  • Cinderella – baby blue
  • Snow White – blue, white, yellow, with red felt apple
  • Sleeping Beauty – pink and white
  • Arial – blue and green, with felt pink seashell
  • Jasmine – teal
  • Pocahontas – tan and brown
  • Tinkerbelle – green and yellow (use glittered tulle)
  • Mulan – red, purple, pink, and blue
  • Rapunzel – purple, with yellow felt sun
  • Tiana- light and dark green or blue

I also made a crown out of a recycled plastic sour cream container for the Queen of Hearts costume. One year, I went as the Mad Hatter and made my Mad Hatter Top Hat out of cardboard.


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  1. Did you use a piece of elastic or a ribbon like you did with the kid tutu? I am wanting to make an adult one and trying to figure out what I am tying the tulle to. Does that make sense? Thanks for he help. Very excited to do this project!

  2. What does the back of the adult Queen of Hearts dress look like? Do you repeat the black and white in back, or is it solid red?

  3. Hi, what size would these measurements roughly make? I’m looking at making one and I am a bigger girl so trying to work out how much tulle I will need

    1. Hi Sarah! The beauty of these skirts is that you can spread the tulle out to fit any size. Depending on how fluffy you like the skirt, this one would make a small to medium size.

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