DIY Father’s Day Gift Wrapping

Clever Father’s Day Gift Wrapping Ideas

Here are three fun, clever, but simple Father’s Day gift wrapping ideas to try out this year.

Easy Tie with Ribbon

Let’s start with a really simple twist to a regular ribbon bow. Instead of tying a ribbon into a bow, tie it like you would a dress shirt tie. wikiHow has 4 ways to tie a tie. Choose one of these simple ways to help you learn how to tie a tie using regular ribbon instead. Consider using plaid or stripped wrapping paper.

Here’s how ours turned out.

Tie Father's Day Gift Wrapping

Recycled Gift Wrapping

Another idea is to use a clean recycled food box for your gift wrapping. You would never know that under this pretty Washi tape gift wrapping that this gift was wrapped in a CheezIt box!

eco-friendly father's day gift wrapping

Suspender and Bow Tie Gift Wrapping

Father's Day Gift Wrapping with Bow Tie and Suspenders

One year, we made an early Father’s Day gift. So, of course with me and my love for gift wrapping, we decided to get creative with this year’s gift. Here is a quick and easy DIY Father’s Day gift wrapping idea that only takes a few supplies and less than 15 minutes to wrap.

Time: < 15 Minutes


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First, we wrapped the framed family photo shoot gift that we made in brown paper. Other colors both plain and patterned will work. Consider using plaid or anything that may remind you of Dad’s button up dress shirt. You can also upcycle a brown paper bag.

Father's Day Gift Wrapping Dress Shirt

Make the bow tie out of blue plaid scrap paper. First, cut out a rectangle, then cut out triangles on each side, and lastly wrap the middle with another piece of paper. The size you cut will depend on the size of your gift.

Father's Day Gift Wrapping Idea

Father's Day Gift Wrapping Bow Tie Paper Craft

Next, use a small craft circle punch and cut out 3 circles to use as buttons. Again, play around with colors and patterns. If you do not have a craft punch, trace and cut out circles using a quarter or a bottle cap. This red piece left over from Christmas.

Father's Day Gift Wrapping Dress Shirt with Buttons

Lastly, use brown ribbon as suspenders and wrap a piece lengthwise around each side of the gift.

Father's Day Gift Wrapping with Dress Shirt and Suspenders

Tape it all together and you have a cute and simple paper dress shirt.

DIY Father's Day Gift Wrapping - DIY Inspired

Other Father’s Day DIY Ideas

Before you go, here are a few more fun and easy DIY Father’s Day gift ideas.

  1. Make him a photo holder for his desk using a rock.
  2. Give a tour of your local breweries with this cool DIY Brewery Guide.
  3. Personalize a cell phone case with photos.


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