DIY First Birthday Cake Topper

My friend Tammy from Sweet Tooth Cravings and More made all the sweets and goodies for my daughter’s Emoji birthday party as well as her Kindergarten Fairytale Ball. She is very talented, so I was honored when she asked me to make a pink and gold first birthday cake topper for her client. I accepted without hesitation and came up with this little banner style cake topper.

Time: 15-30 Minutes




The client wanted pink and gold, so I chose three different pink patterned paper. I cut each piece into 2”X3.25” rectangles. This size will depend on the size of your letters.  You can by premade letters at a craft store or cut some out yourself.  I cut a triangle at the bottom of one rectangle and used the triangle as a template to cut the other two so they all matched. I hot glued the paper letters onto the center of each flag and then glued each flag to the ribbon. Next, I trimmed two skewers by cutting them with mixed media scissors.  I wrapped the ribbon around the skewer and hot glued the ribbon onto the skewer leaving excess ribbon to hang down the side.

I love the way it turned out and gave it to Tammy with her approval. I can’t wait to see it on the cake and I hope the family likes it!


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