DIY Serving Tray: A Mirror Makeover

How to Make a DIY Serving Tray Plus Tips for Thrift Store Hunting

I have had some great luck on my thrift store outings. Can you believe I have saved hundreds of dollars on wall mirrors? I found this great mirror for five dollars at a local thrift store the same day I bought my $5 shelf that I refurbished.  I loved the long hexagonal shape and immediately thought I would repurpose it and make the perfect DIY serving tray for entertaining. Here’s a photo of my great find!  The style is questionable but I could see right past its outdated tackiness!

mirror-makeover (1) (560x360)

Thrift Store Tips: Keep these tips in mind on your hunt for treasure!

  • Don’t pay attention to color, rather shape and size.
  • Look at the back, can the mirror or glass to be easily removed?
  • Check the material. Is it plastic? Wood?
  • Is there any damage? Can it be easily fixed?
  • Sometimes thrift stores are a great resource for hardware.  You may have to buy the entire piece, but it is potentially less expensive than purchasing the hardware new.

Time: 30 Minutes

Materials: This list has some recommended supplies from Amazon that are my affiliate links.


Step One:

Using a ruler and Sharpie, measure where your handles will be drilled. A Sharpie works great because it’s dark, plus you will paint over it so there is no need to worry about the marks.

Step Two:

Drill the holes for your cabinet handles and remove any picture frame hardware from the back.  If it is not removed, the hardware can scratch your tabletop or countertop.

mirror-makeover (3) (560x372)

Step Three:

Protect the mirror by covering it with newspaper and securing it with painter’s tape.

mirror-makeover (5) (560x372)

Step Four:

Spray paint your tray in the color of choice in a well-ventilated area and allow it to dry completely. I decided to paint it my favorite color… GREEN!

mirror-makeover (6) (560x372)

Step Five:

Once the paint is dry, attach your handles with a screwdriver.  If you choose, cover the screw heads with a small piece of felt to prevent scratching any surfaces.

mirror-makeover (7) (560x370)

Here are a few after pictures. I just love it!  I keep it out in the kitchen at all times and use it for a display with my apothecary jars.  I change out the contents of the jars depending on the holiday or season.  Green also seemed to be a good choice as well as it works all year around.

DIY Tray (560x372)


do-it-yourself-tray (1) (560x372)


For more repurposing ideas and trash to treasure ideas, check out this fun round-up of garage sale and thrift store transformations! There are over two dozen original projects I have done including housewares and furniture transformations. I told you I love the hunt!

Update: I have officially had this serving tray mirror for four years! I originally wrote this post in May of 2013. It is still in great condition and I see it everyday in my kitchen. Since then I have also done this fun thrift store tray makeover that I use in my bedroom everyday. Check it out!

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Thrift Store Mirror Turned Serving Tray- DIY Inspired

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  1. Dinah, I wish i had your talent! I can’t see things finished the way that you do. You inspire me! :0)

  2. This is such a neat idea. I would’ve never envisioned that an outdated mirror can look so stylish. I wish I have the space to try all this out.

  3. Very nice idea you give for the mirror you convert it into serving tray and its such a great tutorial that you shared.

    1. Hi Berit! I really should have included it! I’m not exactly sure but likely I used the Krylon ColorMaster Enamel Spray Paint. I used that for most of my projects like this. It works very well.

      1. How does it stand scratches and such? I have a wooden dinner table that’s paint needs to be refreshed, but i haven’t figured out wether i should use a brush, if so which paint or something sprayable. Im quite a n00b at this 🙂

        1. I painted this table with a paint brush: I recommend sanding the table first, then applying two coats of primer. Let the primer dry overnight. You can then spot sand any bumps or blemishes. I would paint the table top with a roller brush and then use a regular bristle brush for the rest. When choosing your paint, use a water-based enamel paint. After you paint it and it is dried completely, paint a coat of polyurethane on top to help protect it. I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions. I would love to see a before and after photo!!

          1. Another question about sanding – do you sand the old paint completely off or just the places where the old paint is cracked or scratched to make it smooth?

            I’ll try and not get carried away once i get the time to do it and take some photos as well 🙂

            Thanks for the info!

  4. I just saw this in a Sunday link up at a Table for two and said I think I have seen that before…. came over & yep! I have…. I knew it had to be you!

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