Repurposed Light Fixtures to Christmas Bells


Trash to Treasure: Repurposed Light Fixtures to Christmas Bells

Repurposed Light Fixture Christmas Bells

Wanting to decorate our front porch for Christmas and continue to use “trash” to do so wasn’t difficult at all.  I saw some forgotten light fixtures in the garage, and didn’t see fixtures, I saw bells!  Here’s what I saw on some shelves in our garage…

Repurposed Light Fixtures

My mission, “should I choose to accept it”, was to detach the cones from the base.

Repurposed Light Fixture Christmas Bells

Now, to remove the bulbs and all the electric wires.

DIY Repurposed Christmas Bells

Next, all that was needed was to add a coat of paint (that I already had) and add some pieces of decorations I found in my Christmas box.

Repurposed Christmas Bells DIY

I attached the decorations with wire since they were going outside and I didn’t think glue would hold well enough.  I still have more decorations I’m working on, but for now, the finished bells are up on one of our porch posts near my Upcycle Wire Fencing for Outdoor Christmas Lights and my Repurposed Wheelbarrow Address Sign

Repurposed Light Fixtures Turned Christmas Bells DIY Inspired

Do you know my total costs for this holiday trash to treasure project?

Cost of paint – zero

Cost of decorations – zero

Cost of metal cones – zero

Price of project – priceless! 


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