Purple and Pink Masquerade Party


Mardi Gras isn’t just for February!  A Purple and Pink Masquerade Party is a fun party theme for any time of year.  Masquerade parties are associated with carnivals, aristocracy, royalty, and luxury.  It’s a grand celebration where the attendees are dressed to the hilt in elaborate costumes.

More modern masquerade parties although inspired by European traditions, are more casual, however do not lack in the fun and excitement!  This real party, by Maily Cano, was decorated in vibrant purple and pink hues, with draped violet curtains and beautiful pink flowers.


Clustered metallic and feathered masks on a stick grace each table as a centerpiece.

The chairs were even draped in a purple satin fabric.

Here are some party ideas fit for a perfect Masquerade or Mardi Gras inspired party.

  • Make your own masks with decorative card stock or scrapbook paper and dowels.  Add ribbon, feathers, and plastic gems or glitter as embellishments.  Masks can serve as party favors for your guests.
  • Don’t forget to reuse and recycle. Check your cupboards or local thrift stores and yard sales for wine goblets, silver and gold utensils or decorative candlesticks to create opulent centerpieces.
  • Purchasing inexpensive fabric is more budget-friendly than, buying table cloths at a department store.  You can use fabric to layer on food, favor, or gift tables.  Use sturdy cardboard boxes underneath to create height.
  • Play classical music in the background.
  • Have a contest for best costume.
  • If your party is more casual, or for younger teens or kids, have a mask/headpiece/hat decorating activity.

Do you have any Masquerade Party suggestions?  Feel free to leave a comment!

All Purple and Pink Masquerade Party photos were taken by Brendan Cao Photography.




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  1. The flower arrangements pop. They are beautiful. I really like the pink and purples together. Very festive.

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