DIY Seashell Balloon Art

DIY Seashell Balloon Art Video Instructions for Mermaid Party Decorations

Talk about DIY Inspiration! When I saw Lilly Jimenez, balloon artist on the show Making It, I couldn’t be more inspired. Her balloon creations are amazing! With my 3-year old’s birthday coming up, I just had to try to make my DIY Seashell Balloon Art piece.

DIY Shell Balloon Art

I will do my best to explain this DIY. I think the video will definitely help.

Watch the Video Tutorial

Time: 1-2 Hours


  • 2 Sheets of Poster Board
  • Scissors
  • Straight Edge
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Tape or Glue Dots
  • Balloons

Balloon Seashell Instructions


I think the best way to learn how to do this, is to watch the video I made. It’s difficult to reiterate exactly how I made the shape. I was truly winging it, but glad I recorded making it.

  1. Measure and cut the poster board in 4” wide strips, lengthwise. I think I used 10 or 12 strips.
  2. Use the strips to create a shell outline. I started in the center of the shell and worked my way out. Tape it together as you go.
  3. Once your shell is formed, tape down and flaps.
  4. Blow up balloons to fit inside each compartment. Start with the larger ones first and tape them to the sides of each compartment.
  5. Begin filling in the blank spots with smaller balloons. Play around with size and color.
  6. Lastly, Set the shell upright and fill in any other missing pieces. Add a white balloon for a pearl if desired.

Seashell Balloon Art

DIY Seashell Balloon Art

Seashell Balloon for a Little Mermaid Party

Play around with balloon colors to fit your mermaid party decor.

By the way, you can purchase Lilly’s design templates in her shop, which in all honesty I had no idea existed until after I made this! Ha!

Little Mermaid Balloons for Party

Giant Seashell Balloon Art for Party

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