DIY Wire Ribbon Wreath for Spring


I have to admit, I wanted to make two of these for my front doors, but I didn’t buy enough ribbon. So, I have to find time to go back and make the second one.  But for now, I thought I’d share how to make this DIY wire ribbon wreath for spring.

These wire rings are commonly used for ribbon wreaths like this one I made for the fourth of July, and this one I made for the fall. This time, I wanted to try a different, more simple, but more modern way to make a spring wreath.

Time: 20 Minutes


Watch the video instructions:


Cut two small holes near the end of the ribbon. Feed a twist tie through the holes and around one section of the wire and twist them close to secure the ribbon to the frame.  Cut off an excess twist tie. Begin wrapping the ribbon around the wreath. Repeat the same step when starting the second roll of ribbon.  Once the frame is covered, tuck the end of the ribbon in a fold in the back.  I like to do this so that I can easily reuse the frame and ribbon once I take it apart to make a new wreath.  Tuck a bouquet of artificial flowers into the ribbon and tie a bow around it.

Here is the finished wreath.  It’s simple and modern.

Play around with ribbon colors and patterns to fit your décor.  This easy DIY wire ribbon wreath is a great way to change up your wreaths for each holiday or season or special occasion.

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