4 DIY Ideas for Your Home Decor

Watch Tutorial Videos for 4 DIY Ideas for Your Home

Today I want to share a video round up of some easy DIY ideas or your home including how to cover a switchplate or outlet cover with fabric scraps, how to make any sized rope basket, how to make a double hoop wall hanging, and how to make cotton stems from items laying around the house!

Be sure to read the details below to get the links to original detailed tutorials.

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How to Cover a Switchplate

Get all the details in the original post: DIY Fabric Covered Switchplates

I made these from left over fabric I had from the stools I upholstered for my craft room. They turned out so cute that they were even published in a teen magazine called J14! Switch up the fabric to fit any style and color. This is a fun tween craft to do to add a little personality to a bedroom.

Great for both switchplates and outlet covers, use fabric scraps to save money. This is also a fun craft to do with Girl Scouts or for a church or school craft for Mother’s day.


Making a Basket Out of Rope

Get all the details in the original post: DIY Rope Basket with Yarn

Another project that came from my craft room makeover, this rope trash can is one I use everyday and one of my favorite projects of all time. I found the rope on sale at a hardware store. You can also try a clothesline as well.

Make them in any size. You can use this tutorial to make baskets, bowls, storage bins, and more. They are very sturdy and durable. You can also try different types of rope like cotton, jute, or twine.


Double Loop Wall Hanging

Get all the details in the original post: Easy DIY Double Hoop Wall Hanging

I can’t have matching switchplates and trashcan and not have some fun matching (and super easy) wall décor!

This project is great for tweens and a fun way to add color to a bedroom. You can do different color combos to match any boho inspired decor. Play around with different thicknesses and texture of yarn.


Make Your Own Cotton Stems

Get all the details in the original post: How to Make Cotton Stems

This project is one of my faves, because it’s practically free! All you need are branches from your back yard, a pine cone, cotton balls, and glue! I found that hot glue works the best because it dries quickly. Just be careful not to get cotton strands stuck on the end of your hot glue gun. Don’t ask me how I know…

I like to decorate with cotton stems for both winter and spring. It’s a great transition for after Christmas winter décor and still looks great with Easter. Put them in a vase or intertwine them in a wreath.

By the way, how cool is my bottle vase? Would you believe it’s a beer bottle?

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