My Doll and Me Treasure Scavenger Hunt with Printables

Rules and Instructions for a Treasure Scavenger Hunt for a My Doll and Me Party including a FREE Printable

My daughter loves playing with her American Girl doll. I wanted to create something fun for her and her friends to do with their dolls.  This is a great game and activity to do for an American Girl themed party. As a bonus, it doubles as party favors for the girls and their dolls to take home.

Materials Needed

Some party favors you can consider hiding are:

  • Bubbles
  • Candy
  • Plastic jewelry
  • Pencils/Pens/Markers
  • Doll sized Pencils (DIY Tutorial)
  • Pencil toppers
  • Small toys
  • Gummies and other prepackaged snacks
  • Keychains
  • Bubble Gum
  • Hair accessories
  • Doll sized anything!

One of my fellow amazing bloggers is also behind the site, American Girl Ideas. You can jump on there to get all kinds of cool doll sized free printables and ideas for your dolls. For example, one of the prizes can be these adorable DIY American Girl Unicorn Ice Cream Cones!

Treasure Scavenger Hunt Clues

Here are the clues for your reference.

  1. This prize will be found outside, but may be hard to see. Look all around not up but down; the treasure is behind a tree. (behind a tree outside)
  2. This prize you’ll find in a place that cleans. Sometimes it’s noisy because you’ll hear a machine. (in a laundry room OR inside a dishwasher or near vacuum cleaner)
  3. In the kitchen you might find something that’ll blow your mind! It’s a place where you’d stop and hear a pop. (inside a microwave)
  4. The next prize is where it’s comfy indeed. A place to relax, watch TV, and to read. (behind a couch pillow)
  5. Brrrr! It’s cold in the next little place. If you’re hungry you might find something to stuff in your face! (inside a refrigerator)
  6. You open me up, with a pull and a slide. In a room where you shower is where I hide. (in a bathroom drawer)

Treasure Scavenger Hunt Set Up

  1. Print and cut out these free printables for each girl and doll.
  2. Glue each Treasure Scavenger Hunt Clue Sheet on the front of each bag. Pictured in this post are bags I bought at Michaels. The large ones are 8.5”X5” and the mini ones are 4”X3”.
  3. Hide the party favors in the following six places. You can hide one for each girl OR two for each girl (one for the doll). Another option is to mix and match, 3 prizes for the guest, 3 prizes for their dolls. It’s up to you!
  • Behind a tree outside
  • In a microwave
  • In a bathroom drawer
  • Behind a pillow or blanket on a couch
  • Inside a refrigerator
  • In a laundry room OR inside a dishwasher OR near vacuum cleaner

Watch the Video

Starting the Hunt

  1. Distribute the bags and a pencil to each girl and doll. Depending on the number of guests, you can work in teams.
  2. They can work individually or in teams. To avoid all teams starting with the same clue, have the “teams” start on a different numbered clue.
  3. There is no “winner”. The prizes are the bags filled with treasure!

Hope you like this idea! This is a great way for the girls to interact and have fun together.

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