Couples Olympics Party

Couples Olympics Decorations (3)

Oh. My. Gosh. What a weekend! We had a blast at our second annual Couples Olympics Party on Saturday. Last year I shared our first annual Couples Olympics. It was so much fun that we amplified it for this year. You’ll see what I mean!

Couples Olympics Party Ideas


The first thing I did differently this year was send out Welcome Packages a week in advance. Each team received an official package from the Couples Olympics Committee (my husband and I aka the Blue Team). These doubled as invitations and instructions. I included an official Couples Olympics logo and header on each of the pages. We emailed it with some fun face paint, party mustaches, and glittered body stickers to each team which were assigned colors. They were all encouraged to dress in their team color as well.

Couples Olympics Welcome Packet

Trophy and Medals

Last year I made this awesome Couples Olympics Trophy. You can get the tutorial here. This trophy is passed on each year, and the winning couple gets to sign it and keep it and retain bragging rights until the next Olympics. Last year’s winners even made a velvet lined box to safely transport the trophy in!!

Olympic Medal DIY Trophy

The winning couple also received medals. These are much better than the ones I made last year. I will post a tutorial later.

DIY Olympic Medals


I also made the scoreboard more official this year.

Couples Olympics Scoreboard


Couples Olympics Decorations

As far as decorations go, I wanted it to be budget friendly, so I was able to do a lot with some streamers and tissue paper.

Olympics Decoration Ideas with Streamers


Olympic Decoration Ideas (5)

Olympic Decoration Ideas (8)

Olympic Decoration Ideas (3)

Olympic Decoration Ideas (2)

Olympic Decoration Ideas (1)

I also printed out signs and put them everywhere including the bar and in the bathroom.

DIY Olympic Signs (2)

DIY Olympic Signs (1)

I made giant Olympic rings out of cardboard.

Couples Olympics Decorations (1)

I also made Olympic torches using my friend’s metal cups and urn. I stuffed orange tissue paper in it and cut out red flames out of cardstock.

Olympic Torch Decoration Ideas (2)

Olympic Torch Decoration Ideas (1)

Party Favors

Each team also received a swag bag in their designated color like they did last year, but we added a few more goodies inside.

Couples Olympics Swag Bags

Event Table

I showcased each event as part of the decorations as well and created an event table. I printed out signs and displayed the “official” even equipment for each event.

Couples Olympics Events Table

Couples Olympics Decorations (4)

Couples Olympics Decorations (2)

Couples Olympics Events (4)

Couples Olympics Events (3)

Couples Olympics Events (2)

Couples Olympics Events (1)

As you can see, we did A LOT more this year!

Here is a picture of all of us.

Couples Olympics Participants

I also made a YouTube video. In this four minute video, you’ll see all of us having fun including our opening ceremonies which was also new this year.

I already can’t wait for next year! 

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    1. Hi Ivonne!

      Oh gosh! I just realized I never posted the tutorial for those! I bought the plastic gold medals at a party supply store. They have an indented gold star in the center. I filled the star with 3-dimensional Mod Podge. Next, I made my own graphic on the computer, printed it, and cut it out. I placed the circle on top of the medal and put another layer of 3D Mod Podge on top and let it dry overnight. I hope this helps! You can get the mod podge here (affiliate link):

  1. Hi. Just wondering where you purchased all of the items for the swag bag (i.e. Wig, horn, etc)

    Thanks so much!

  2. Hey I am completely in love with this and am from the Bahamas I would like to try this out would you be able to send me a sample packet and instructions and all that?

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