Easy Chinese New Year Red Envelopes

Easy Chinese New Year Red Envelopes DIY

The picture below means so much to me. One of my oldest and dearest friends from back home posted it on Facebook. It sparked SO many amazing memories of my childhood. Specifically, it reminded me of a unique, special, and irreplaceable friendship I had (and still have) with my older brother, and my mother’s best friend’s children, Tom and Matt… well, back then they were Tommy and Matthew.

I suspect that this photo was taken in 1978-ish. We were in our backyard by the pool. I recall spending EVERY SINGLE weekend with the Evan’s. I was one kinda sorta of the boys. I rode a bike on the dirt trails behind my house; they piled it with mud when it rained. I wore my favorite girly shoes; they would hide them in places that I would never find because they were too far out of reach for my 45 inches.

Circa 1978 (750x481)

I’ll never forget, however, every year around my birthday we would celebrate Chinese New Year’s at the Even’s house. Their Mom, my Tita Ping, would make the most amazing food (especially her eggrolls) and we would eat a ton. All the kids would play in the basement for hours and at the end of the night each kid would get to pick a red envelope before we went home. Every time, I would pray that I would pick a good one.  So, these little Easy Chinese New Year Red Envelopes are dedicated to my Tita Ping and her family.

The red envelope is typically a small rectangle, decorated in gold. It is meant to bring good luck and fortune to the recipient. To make these, I first “Googled” the Chinese characters for “good fortune” and “happy new year”. I printed them in three columns on red paper.

Easy Chinese New Year Red Envelopes

I cut each one in thirds to make three envelopes a sheet.

Easy Homemade Chinese New Year Red Envelopes

Next, I folded them in thirds.

Easy to make Chinese New Year Red Envelopes

I used double sided tape to tape up the sides and envelope flap after inserting some money. I also added some gold trim with decorative tape.

Easy Chinese New Year Red Envelopes Tutorial

That’s it! It took minutes to make, and cost pennies (other than the money inside!). Hopefully next year I can arrange a reunion to spend time with the Evan’s on Chinese New Year. Tom and Matt, if your are reading this, let’s plan it!

Easy Chinese New Year Red Envelopes How To

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