Recycled Book Page Flowers

I have done so many recycled book page projects including wreaths to magnets and other embellishments!  This one is one of my favorite.  I saw these paper flowers in a Better Homes and Gardens magazine several months ago and I thought I’d finally try it out. I thought they would be perfect for gift wrapping.  It’s a unique way to add personality to your gift.  I kept all the pages from the Hollow Book Safe I made a while back so it worked out perfectly. Here is how you make these recycled book page flowers in three easy steps.

The only materials you need are:

Step One:

Simply water color both front and back of the book pages and let it dry completely.

Step Two:

After the pages are try, cut out petal shapes with scissors.

Step Three:

One by one, shape a rose by bending and folding each petal and pinching the bottom into the desired shape.

I hope you try it out!  The color possibilities are endless!

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