Easy Circle Punch Paper Flowers

Easy Circle Punch Paper Flowers

I love circle punches from Fiskars. I was playing around with the different sizes and ended up making some easy circle punch paper flowers.  Since I was playing around, I might as well share how I made them.  You can use them for gift wrapping, party decorations, handmade cards, and such.  Play around with colored, textured, and patterned paper to fit the style and theme you want. Here is how to make them in a few easy steps.

Time: 15-20 Minutes


Watch it on YouTube:


Each flower needs four circles. In this example, I glued them directly to the gift-wrapping paper, however if you need to make an individual flower, punch out a fifth circle and use it as the base to glue the “petals” on. Fold each circle into fourths, leaving the edges rounded and pinching the pointed center. Glue the four petals down to form a circle shaped flower. I used hot glue because it’s my glue of choice, however white glue and a glue stick works well too.

You can make these with any sized circle punch. For larger ones, you can even layer the flowers. Just make sure the first layer of petals is flattened more than the top layer.

I hope you like them! Here are some more of my paper flower tutorials:

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