30 Paper Flower Craft Tutorials

Creative and Inspiring Paper Flower Craft Tutorials

OK, OK, I know the title says “30” but there are actual 31 creative and inspiring paper flower tutorials on this list. I want to start with a fun one I did most recently, which is how to make this gold hoop paper flower wreath. So let’s start with this tutorial first.

Paper Flower Gold Hoop Wreath

DIY Gold Hoop Paper Flower Wreath

Time: 30 Minutes


  • Gold Hoop
  • Artificial Flowers
  • Tape
  • Paper of Choice
  • Circle Punches (2 Sizes)
  • Flower Punch
  • Hot Glue and Glue Gun
  • Scissors


Paper Flower Wreath Instructions:

  1. Wrap each piece of greenery around the hoop on the bottom right corner and secure one by one with tape.
  2. To make the paper flowers, punch out five circles with the larger circle punch and fold them in half. Tape them together to form a flower.
  3. Cut a 1.5″ X 4″ strip of contrasting paper and fringe it. Roll the fringed paper strip, creating the center of the flower and hot glue it in the center of the flower.
  4. Glue the flowers onto the wreath.

Make the flowers is various sizes and colors and patterns.


30 Paper Flower Craft Tutorials

I have done a dozen or so paper flower tutorials since I started blogging. I noticed that there are so many talented Bloggers out there with some GORGEOUS paper flower tutorials as well. So, I wanted to put together a list of paper flower craft tutorials that are great for any season, holiday, or special occasion.  You can use these paper flowers for cards, centerpieces, embellishments, home décor, and so much more. Here we go!

List of 30 Paper Flower Craft Tutorials

  1. Origami Poinsettia, Blossoms and Posies 
  2. Tissue Paper Rose, Blossoms and Posies 
  3. Kleenex Lilly, Blossoms and Posies 
  4. Cupcake Paper Flower, Blossoms and Posies 
  5. Persimmon Paper Roses, Simply Kelly Designs
  6. Quilled Blooms Frame, Suzy’s Sitcom
  7. DIY Quilled Butterfly with Flowers, Suzy’s Sitcom
  8. Quilled Paper Flower Topiaries, Suzy’s Sitcom
  9. Magazine Paper Flowers, Organized 31 
  10. Inkling Paper Flowers, Carolyn’s Homework
  11. White Crepe Paper Flowers, Carolyn’s Homework
  12. Paper Flower Tacks, Carolyn’s Homework
  13. Book Page Paper Hydrangeas, Muslin and Merlot  
  14. Kusudama Paper Flower, Muslin and Merlot
  15. Paper Towel Tie Dyed Flowers, This Simple Home
  16. White Pumpkin with Paper Flowers, Baby Loving Mama
  17. Tissue Paper Flowers, Life With Lovebugs
  18. Easy Paper Flower Video Tutorials, DIY Inspired
  19. DIY Heart Shaped Box with Flowers, DIY Inspired
  20. Easy Coffee Filter Flowers, DIY Inspired
  21. Water Colored Book Page Roses, DIY Inspired
  22. Recycled Phone Book Origami Paper Flower, DIY Inspired
  23. Recycled Coin Wrapper Paper Flower, DIY Inspired
  24. Book Page Paper Flower Magnet, DIY Inspired
  25. Back to School Teacher Bouquet, DIY Inspired
  26. Coffee Filter Flower Gift Wrapping, DIY Inspired
  27. Toilet Paper Roll Flower Ornament, DIY Inspired
  28. How to Dye Coffee Filter Flowers, DIY Inspired
  29. Animal Print Accordion Flowers for a Tween Birthday, DIY Inspired
  30. Paper Flowers Made from Napkins, DIY Inspired

Special thanks to all the Bloggers that allowed me to share their fabulous paper flower craft tutorials!

Gold Hoop Paper Flower Wreath

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  1. What a beautiful collection! I love the paper flower trend. Thank you so much for including the Map Flower Wreath from CraftsnCoffee.com.

  2. Dinah, I now have a bunch of projects for this weekend. Thanks for including my magazine flowers in this great round up of tutorials.

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