56 Repurposing Ideas for Ordinary Household Objects

Clever Repurposing Ideas for things you Already Have at Home

There is a reason my motto is “Repurpose, Reinvent!” I have had some serious repurposing ideas the last several years. This list isn’t even all of it. It’s narrowed down to ordinary household objects. Yep… everything on this list was done by yours truly…man I’m cheap…I mean creative. 😉 Anyway, I hope you enjoy this reference list I put together of 56 Repurposing Ideas for Ordinary Household Objects!

Dishes and Bowls

Instead of sending unwanted dishes and bowls to Goodwill, consider upcycling them into these first.


Paper or plastic, transform your old cups into these fun ideas.

Food Containers

Clean cardboard food containers are so useful in many different ways.

Brown Paper Bags

Turn brown paper bags into recycled gift wrapping.

Mason Jar and tin can centerpiece with pink and green fresh flowers.
Painted blue and green tin cans and mason jars with fresh flowers.


Save your aluminum cans for these fun craft ideas.



No Mason jars? No problem. Save those spaghetti and sauce jars for these easy repurposing ideas.


Book Pages

Instead of pitching a damaged book, turn their book pages into almost anything!

Tic Tac Containers

Here are some clever Tic Tac container repurposing ideas.

Old Paintings

Bring some new life to old and unwanted paintings with these fun DIY’s.

Repurposing Ideas – Odds and Ends:

Need more ideas? Here are some odds and ends.

Toilet Paper Roll: Toilet Paper Roll Gift Wrapping

Bottle Caps: Recycled Christmas Card Bottle Cap Magnets

Prescription Bottles: Clever Repurposing Ideas for Prescription Bottles

Soda Bottles: Recycled Plastic Bottle Plant Pots

Cabinet Door: Repurposed Cabinet Turned Jewelry Organizer

Coin Wrappers: Recycled Coin Wrapper Gift Embellishment

Ruler: Upcycled Ruler Patriotic Wreath DIY

Rubber Bands: Rubber Band Inspiration Board DIY

Bonus DIY Video

Turn some old damaged books into an electronics hider.



Updated: Original post is from March 20, 2015 and since updated and improved.

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