Easy Valentine’s Day Home Décor


Not long ago I was at Michael’s and they had $2.00 grab bags.  I picked up a few and scored on some pretty cool items like these spools of ribbon, these metal letters, and this newsprint canvas.  I also got these cute little 4X4 linen covered canvases that I used to make this very easy Valentine’s Day home décor for my mantel.

Time: 10-20 Minutes


Don’t want to read any further? Watch this short video on how to make it!



The stencil letters I have are 3”, but I used all lower case. I put a dab of white acrylic craft paint on a plastic lid. I like to save lids from sour cream containers and the like for my painting projects. Put pant on the stencil brush and dab off the excess paint.  You don’t need much paint for this.  Holding the stencil securely onto the canvas with one hand, paint the letter with the stencil brush by moving it in an up and down motion. Remove the stencil.

This will dry very quickly.  I chose to keep it plain and simple but you can play round with the colors, and stencil fonts. I also kept it all white and neutral because I’m considering using these on my bookcase all year long.

That’s it! Quick and easy! This would also make a great gift.  Letter stencils make this project’s possibilities endless.  Spell out someone’s name, your word of the year, a holiday related word, etc.

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