Elf on the Shelf DIY Ribbon Tutu

How to Make a Cheap and Easy Elf on the Shelf DIY Ribbon Tutu

Elf on the Shelf clothes are SO expensive in retail stores.  As much as I love our little lady, I just can’t bring myself to buy any of them. Instead, I figure out a cheap and fast way to make them. In the past I have made elf boots, an elf apron skirt, a little elf messenger bag and today, I am showing you how to make an Elf on the Shelf DIY Ribbon tutu. You only need 2 things to make this cute little festive skirt.

Time: 15-20 Minutes



I actually used scarp ribbon I had in my craft room.  Buy things after Christmas when it’s on sale; I did, and I had all this ribbon. I cut them in about 16”-18” pieces.

Elf on the Shelf Ribbon Skirt

First cut a long piece to wrap around your elf. It should be long enough so that you are able to tie it in a bow. One by one, wrap each piece of ribbon around your belt as shown.

Elf on the Shelf Ribbon Skirt (1)

Pull each piece tightly. I alternated patterns. I ended up using about 25 pieces of ribbon.

Elf on the Shelf Ribbon Skirt (2)

Since all elves are different, measure around the elf’s waist as you go. I also trimmed the length a little once I put it around Josie.

Elf on the Shelf DIY Ribbon Tutu Skirt

Elf on the Shelf Ribbon Skirt -Elf Clothes

This is such a fun and simple craft. I can’t wait to see Mia’s face when Josie shows up in it! Hope you like my Elf on the Shelf DIY Ribbon Tutu!

Elf on the Shelf Ribbon Tutu DIY Inspired

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Did you know that I have an Etsy shop? This shop all started because of my love for the Elf tradition. It helps support this blog and the materials I used for all the craft ideas you find on DIY Inspired. My shop has a ton of fun and unique elf inspired downloads. You can find a North Pole Pizza box to an elf sized DJ booth! I’d love it if you sopped by! You can find it here: DIY Inspired, Inc.

Here is a video of some of my ideas. Enjoy!

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  1. I must not be crafty enough to do this ☹️ … mine is a hot mess! I wasn’t able to find really skinny ribbon like you have shown though either. I think I’m going to throw in the towel on this one unfortunately

    1. Oh no! Yes, skinny ribbon is a must for this since the elf skirt is so small. From some reason craft stores put the skinny ribbon is a different section than the regular ribbon aisle. The ribbon on this tutu was found near the dollar section at Michael’s Craft Store. Don’t give up!

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