How to Make Paper Tassels


How to Make Paper Tassels for Gift Wrapping

The other day I was reading my Better Homes and Gardens Magazine. It was the December 2015 issue.  On page 93, they had a few paper craft tutorials and one caught my eye. I love tassels for some reason and when I saw this I immediately wanted to learn how to make paper tassels for the tops of some of my Christmas gifts this year. These were perfect. My tutorial was slightly different, so I thought I’d share it today.

Time: 15 Minutes (plus drying time)


For each tassel, using a paper cutter, I cut nine 12”X.5” strips.  If you don’t have a paper cutter, you can use a cutting mat, straight edge, and utility knife. If you don’t have a cutting mat or utility knife, you can draw the lines on the paper with a pencil and use scissors to cut the strips.

Paper Tassel Paper Craft


Glue each strip as shown. I used white glue but I think a glue stick or even hot glue would work nicely too because they dry faster. Once the glue is dry, gently fold the strips down to form a tassel. Cut another small strip in a different pattern for keep it together. Use your fingers to run the along each strip to curve them out a little. Tie a piece of twine on top.

Paper Tassel Craft DIY

These are great for embellishing gifts or even to hang on your tree as ornaments. I used thick scrapbook paper which made these quite sturdy.

How to Make Paper Tassel

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