101 Dalmatians Trick or Treat Bag

101 Dalmatians Trick or Treat Bag to Go with Cruella de Vil

Guess who is going to be Cruella de Vil for Halloween? My youngest daughter and 3-year-old, Nala. When we decided this I thought, Cruella wouldn’t be Cruella if she didn’t have a dalmatian to go with her. Of course, those stuffed animals you can get at the Disney store are pretty cute, but also a pain when your trying to trick or treat. As a result, I came up with this: how to make a 101 Dalmatians trick or treat bag to go with her Cruella de Vil costume.

Cruella de Vil Halloween Costume & Dalmation Bag DIY

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Watch the Video Tutorial

Here is a full video tutorial to show you the process. I hope you like it! If you have questions, scroll down to see the detailed tutorial and materials list.

Here’s What you Need

Time: One Hour


  • White Canvas Bag
  • Black Felt
  • White Felt
  • Large Googly Eyes
  • Black Sharpie
  • Hot Glue and Glue Gun
  • Fabric Scissors


I purchased the white canvas bag from Hobby Lobby for just a few dollars. It’s the perfect size for a Halloween trick or treat bag. You can buy them anywhere that sells crafts. They can be found in the T-Shirt making section with the fabric paints and iron-on transfers. It also holds a ton of candy!

You will need to make some simple cuts of felt:

  • 2 Black Ears
  • Small white spots (for ears)
  • Small to Medium Black Spots (for body)
  • Black Nose

I free-handed each of the above pieces. First, lay them out on the bag as you cut and then rearrange them before you glue them on. Next, place the wiggly eyes and nose I the desired area. Draw the half circles under the nose with pencil first. Lastly, once you are satisfied, start gluing. I left the ears “floppy” in that I only glued along the top.

That’s it! Here are some photos of this easy 101 Dalmatians Trick or Treat Bag.

101 Dalmatians Trick or Treat Bag DIY

Cruella de Vil Kids Costume DIY Idea

Don’t forget to check out the tutorial for the Cruella de Vil tutu and pom pom hair ties! Here is the video tutorial.


Also, to go with our Disney Villains family theme, check out the trick or treat bag I made for my older daughter’s Queen of Hearts costume before you go.

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