How to Freeze Eggs, Milk, Cheese, and, Vegetables


Eggs, milk, cheese and vegetables can be frozen! Here is how to freeze eggs, milk, cheese, and vegetables.

Did you know raw eggs can be frozen?  I knew that raw eggs in the shell shouldn’t be frozen, but I still wanted to try.  Here’s what works, crack the egg into an ice cube tray!  I use non-stick spray on the tray first then crack the eggs into the trays and freeze.  If you are using small eggs, one egg will fit into each cup.  If you are using a larger size, crack and mix the eggs and then pour enough of the egg mixture into each cup and fill about ¾ way (you want to leave a bit of room for expansion during freezing.)  When frozen, pop the eggs out (the nonstick spray makes this easy) and store in the freezer in plastic containers.  You now have eggs any time you need them for cooking or baking.

Milk and cheese freeze great.  If you shop in bulk, those large cheese blocks freeze well.  Freeze the block, or cut into smaller sections and then wrap in freezer wrap and seal well.  For convenience, you can grate smaller amounts of cheese and store in individual baggies for use in cooking or to top casseroles.  Milk can be stored in their carton, just remove some milk from the top taking into consideration expansion during freezing.  It can be used later in cooking.

Vegetables can be frozen and can help save on meal preparation time.  The crockpot is my best friend because I can set it in the morning and when I get home from work, a nice warm meal is waiting.  Chop, slice and dice vegetables you like in your crockpot meals.  Take a gallon size bag, fill it with the vegetables and then freeze them in the bag.  When you are ready for a crockpot meal, take your bag of frozen ready-to-use vegetables out of the freezer, invert the bag over your crockpot, and pop the frozen vegetables out of the bag into the crockpot.

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