Get Ready for Back to School Season

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Get Ready for Back to School Season Cleaning Tips

You may have noticed that I have a little obsession with Bounty, especially the Bounty with Dawn paper towel rolls because you can rinse and reuse.  I have been using them religiously for the past six months.  We have always been a Bounty family. I use them for cleaning parties, pet messes, and of course my kitchen. Now that Mia is in Kindergarten, we are just starting a back to school routine. One of the most important parts of that often hectic routine is cleanliness… and inevitably cleaning up quickly.

Although both are multi-purpose, I like to use my regular Bounty paper towels and my Bounty with Dawn paper towels differently, depending on the mess:

Bounty Paper Towels – Great for daily cleaning and messes

  • Kitchen table tops
  • Countertops
  • Cleaning the kiddos faces and hands

Bounty with Dawn – Perfect for sticky and greasy messes

  • Stove top cleaning
  • Sticky and tacky messes
  • Floor messes
  • Kitchen cabinet doors

As you can see, the limited edition dual roll holders are a necessity in my home! When we are in a rush in the morning before school, they come in handy for everything from spilled orange juice to milk moustaches. Find out how you can get one for your home to help you quickly clean up those back to school messes…

Get Ready for Back to School Season

Get Ready for Back to School Season with Bounty

Comment below for a chance to take home a limited edition dual roll holder with a Bounty paper towel roll and a NEW Bounty with Dawn roll.

How are you refreshing your routine to be more efficient for this Back to School season?

Good Luck!

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  1. For my four girls, we have a special station with their name on it in the bathroom for each girl to get ready. We also choose our outfits and shoes the night before.

  2. I have two boys and a girl that just started preschool and it’s hectic. Anything to help keep my kitchen clean and do it quickly would be a great help!

  3. Oh! I love the dual roll holder!

    This year, my younger two kids are going to a charter school for 2 days a week (we homeschool). So not only will they get to learn from someone else and make lots of friends, I’ll be able to work from home on the days they aren’t here 🙂

  4. I have 2 boys and a dog at home. We use paper towels at home for everything! Although I have never tried the ones with Dawn. Excited to see how they work!

  5. My kids love to go through our Bounty Paper Towels everyday. To save time for school routine, we pack lunches and backpacks the night before. We also lay out outfits for the next day.

  6. OMG the dual paper towel holder is amazing! What an incredible idea! Have yet to try the paper towels with Dawn – sounds better than using a nasty sponge 🙁

  7. I love seeing the fun ideas you come up with. I wish I was as talented as you! Keep up the good work and great ideas!!

  8. Hi Dinah…I NEED that duel paper towel holder…I love your idea of both types of Bounty! I use Bounty, I haven’t seen the one with Dawn! I need it with my messy husband and grandson!!! hugs

  9. I’m paper towel obsessed. Haha. For real though, I thoroughly clean everyday and I’ve been eyeing those Bounty with Dawn towels! All about keeping it clean over here! ?

  10. Well, I try (as in attempt) to take command by having my kids empty their lunch boxes when they get home, encourage them to lay their clothes out the night before and set my coffee cup and pod out for the morning!

  11. We use a lot of paper towels for a quick clean up with little ones. I haven’t used Bounty with Dawn yet but would love to try them.

  12. This would be great for our workshop. Being able to grab a towel with cleaner when your hands are messy is a great concept. Looking forward to trying these.

  13. I only have a fur baby. We go through lots of paper towels, though. a dual roll holder would be perfect!
    We didn’t have back to school, but it was first day of a new job for my husband. To be more efficient, we set the alarm clock for a little earlier than we would normally set it so we had extra time and weren’t rushing in the morning!

  14. I always put their clothes out night before! Also I have been putting everything on counter to make lunches the night before! Even a paper towel & knifes for making pb & j sandwiches!!

  15. My 9 year old has become very independent and insists on making her own breakfast and lunch on weekends. Keeping kid friendly snacks, silverware and cleaning supplies handy help her to understand that cleaning the mess is the other half of the fun!

  16. Will love to try the new bounty paper towels. I’m obsessed with having my bath, kitchen and windows clean constantly. These will be a great try! Thanks.

  17. Well, looks like I’m going to be getting some Bounty with Dawn! At first I thought it was a silly idea, but now having a one year old that gets into everything and is eating/drinking everything, I need some in my life…along with that dual roll holder! I’m constantly cleaning up peanut butter, jelly, spilled drinks, you name it! Plus, seems better than regular old wet rag.

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