Elegant Gothic Halloween Decorations


I love Halloween. For some reason I have always liked the spooky and scary Halloween decorations versus kitschy or traditional decor. Though frightening is fun, there is a fine line between scary and tacky. So, I added a little glam to my Halloween and came up with some elegant Gothic Halloween decorations that go with my style in our home.

This year, I have a collection of mercury glass gourds and pumpkins all around the house, but the main focus of my decorating was our bookcases and mantel. For the mantel, I kept the colors neutral with white, silver, gray, and black.


I broke out my metallic spider transfer pumpkin and my eerie wreath I made.  The wreath, although spooky, has gems and feathers all over it. I also draped some Halloween fabric that I got at the 99 cent store (who says glam-o-ween has to cost a lot?).




I also added several creepy apothecary bottles that I made out of recycled glass and plastic bottles. Many of them were lotion bottles (with the lotions still in them) that I received as gifts long ago, but wasn’t fond of the scents. Some, I added water with food coloring.


I have a ton of skulls, which I am apparently obsessed with. I can’t help it. I put them in a Halloween trash bag wreath I just made the other day. BUT, I did add gems on some and glitter on others. Again, these glittered skulls and jeweled skulls were my intention of having a glam-o-ween this year.


Here are two photos of the bookcases, both right and left. I wasn’t sure if I needed to edit it a little more. There is a lot on there. The husband likes it so I guess I’m keeping it. I hope you like it!



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