Habitat for Humanity Repurposing Workshop

One of the many things my blogging career has brought me is some amazing relationships with people.  Last year when I did the GMC DIY Challenge, I met one of the Judges, Karen Moore from the Habitat for Humanity Restores. I was able to reconnect with her a year later and she asked me to tech a Habitat for Humanity Repurposing Workshop.

I walked around to do a little window shopping before the workshop started and there were SO many potential projects I could envision. If you haven’t been to a Restore before, it’s a great place to find windows, doors, gently used furniture, lighting, you name it.  There is even home décor and seasonal items as well.

Let me start by saying that I had an amazing time. It was a very casual workshop. I displayed a few repurposing ideas to help inspired customers at a small table by the entrance.  I gave interested customers home décor ideas on what to make out of things they could find and purchase at the Restore.

Habitat for Humanity Repurposing Workshop - DIY Inspired

I brought a repurposed welcome sign, an upcycled American flag, a cabinet door Halloween sign, a repurposed photo display, and some stenciled coffee cup succulents. The cabinet door and shelf I bought there for $2.99 each and the coffee cups were .99 apiece.

Habitat for Humanity Upcycled Workshop

I brought my materials to make them and demonstrated how to make them.  I even enlisted a few helpers.

Habitat for Humanity Workshop Bellflower

Habitat for Humanity Workshop

A few people brought up some items and asked me ideas for what they could make out of it, like this ceramic tile coaster we stenciled.

Repurposed Tile Coaster with Paint

Time went by so quickly. I met some great people and I would do it again in a heartbeat!  If you want to visit a Habitat for Humanity Restore or check out their free workshops, look for a location near you.

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