Handmade DIY Owl Card

DIY Owl Card (4)

Today I want to share a Handmade DIY Owl Card you can make in 15 minutes or less. I made this one out of a Christmas card I didn’t use and some paper scraps.

As you may know, I am a self-proclaimed craft hoarder.  Here is my paper scraps bin!

DIY Owl Card (3)

See? Anyway, here are the materials you need to make this Owl Valentine Card:

I started off with a blank Christmas card I didn’t use this year from a pack of several cards.  Plain cards like this are always great to buy on sale after Christmas because they are so versatile.

DIY Owl Card

To make the eyes I used a 6” craft punch and a 1” craft punch inside.

DIY Owl Card (1)

I also used two types of flower craft punches for the eyeballs.  I cut out some eyebrows and an owl beak out of black paper scraps. I also grabbed some craft feathers to put on each side.

DIY Owl Card (2)

I glued it all on to make my owl. I thought it turned out so cute!

DIY Owl Card (4)

Here are some fun suggestions of what you might write inside the card:

Whooo do you love?

Owl Always love you!

Owl be your friend forever!

Guess whooo loves you?

Here are some other handmade cards I have mead in the past:

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Owl Card DIY

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