Last Minute Halloween Craft for Kids


Last Minute Halloween Craft for Kids was written for my other blog where I shared kids crafts and activities. I had to bid farewell to it because maintaining two blogs was a lot more than I could handle, BUT I still wanted to share the post with you. Enjoy!


Last weekend, my daughter had a last minute sleep over with her best friend, Becca which resulted in this last minute Halloween craft for kids.  It was actually her VERY First sleep over.  So cute! She’s only three, but her best friend is MY best friend’s daughter and I feel like she’s one of my own.

Every time Becca comes over she always wants to do a craft. I don’t blame her! Have you seen my craft room?  So, after breakfast we ventured upstairs, still in our PJ’s, and I broke out some supplies.  In the spirit of Halloween we decided to make pumpkins and spiders. I cut out the pieces free-hand and let the girls have free range with the glue and markers. I cut out eyes, a nose, mouth, stem, and leaves for the pumpkin.



For the spider I cut out eight little legs each and punched out circle eyes and rhinestone eye balls.



I think it’s so important to let kids have creative freedom.  They came up with the spiders and pumpkins and I just followed their lead. I let them get a little sticky with glue and messy with the markers but it was all worth it.  The girls were so happy making them and very proud of the results.  This last minute Halloween craft for kids couldn’t have been a better activity for them.

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