DIY Baby Pubert Addams Halloween Costume

Adorable DIY Baby Pubert Addams Halloween Costume

As you may have already seen, my daughter is going to be Wednesday Addams, I am going to be Morticia, and my husband will be Gomez Addams for Halloween this year. She is so excited because I made her a Cousin It trick or treat pail to go with her costume.  Also to match, she insisted that her baby sister should be Pubert, so here is how I made this pretty simple DIY Baby Pubert Addams Halloween Costume.


Time: 30 Minutes



Cut out the bow tie and spider out of black felt. To make the spider I cut the body first, essentially a small and large oval. I free handed it. The easiest way to make the legs is to cut out two at a time, overlapping the felt so that they will match. They don’t need to be perfect. I cut in a half moon-ish shape.


Glue the legs down first with fabric glue, then glue the spider’s body on top.  For the bowtie (depending on your outfit), I glue down one side because it snaps. To hold down the other side, I used a small circle of Velcro.

To complete the costume, I drew on a mustache with a black eyeliner pencil (which was almost impossible, by the way). I also parted her hair in the middle with the help of a fine toothed comb and some baby oil.

Here are a few after photos!



Don’t forget to check out Wednesday and Cousin It!!

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  1. What should I use for my son’s hair it is reddish blonde He is 5 months old what would be safe to make it black for baby Pubert Adams

    1. Hi Tammy! I don’t think I would color it in any way, but if you put some baby oil on his hair and part it in the middle, it will darken it a little because it will look wet.

  2. I’m from Brazil, and I was enchanted by your little baby, the most beautiful and cute thing, he’s so handsome

  3. The baby is a GIRL and SHE is going as baby pubert which is a boy . BTW I’m going to use ur idea and I have a little girl who’s 6 months old lol thanks they’re so adorable ❤️

  4. Did you make your daughters Wednesday Halloween costume? My daughter wants to be her for Halloween:) if not,where did you get her dress?

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