Our Cement Floors After

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There’s a lot going on around our house lately! We painted the inside and outside of the house, remodeled the balcony, and updated our mantel.  Recently, I posted our floors BEFORE (ok it was over a month ago…where does the time go???)  we re-did them and finally I have gotten around to taking a few photos to show you our cement floors AFTER.

Now, there are some things I just can’t do myself.  Well, I take that back… I think if I tried with some help and guidance I may be able to do this myself.  This time, however, I just chose not to.  Instead, we hired some professional contractors to get the job done. Our trim, mantel, and paint was done by Diamond Custom Finishes.  We are SO pleased by the end result!  It’s such a completely different look… much more updated and modern to suit our taste. Jeff and his team were amazing. 

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For the concrete floors we stuck with a natural gray cement.  We didn’t add any dye or color, but there is an epoxy coating on top for that added shine.  I love the light and dark gray color swirls.

cement-floors-after (6)

We went with a thick 6” trim, white (with a hint of gray) walls, and dark gray accent walls.

cement-floors-after (5)

cement-floors-after (2)

I think our pug, Harley likes it!

cement-floors-after (3)

We are still decorating and adding furniture but I was anxious to show what we had completed so far.  Hopefully by Thanksgiving and Christmas it’ll all be put together.  Thank you for letting me share! Hopefully I’ll have more to show you soon and hopefully it won’t be another month!

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  1. Hi Dinah! Your floors are amazing, and I am so impressed by the transition between “before” and “after.” Would you mind providing more details as to how you accomplished the floors? What kind of paint(s) did you use, the technique in applying the paint, etc.? Or, was it all done by the contractor? We (my husband and I) clicked on the link, but we’re in San Francisco, not OC. We would love to do this ourselves, so we would appreciate any tips you have! Thank you!

    1. Hi Rowena! Thank you so much! I happen to be publishing my room reveal for my dinging room this week…eeek! We actually hired a contractor after looking into doing it ourselves. We are happy with the results, however I wouldn’t recommend the company we used (that’s why I didn’t mention them in the post). We decided not to use any paints. It’s actually all natural gray cement with no die. We did however opt for an epoxy overlay to make it a little shiny. Depending on the condition of your concrete, you may be able to just do a top coat. We unfortunately had cracks underneath, so I believe they did a coat to seal the cracks and then another coat over that. I hope this helps!

      1. Dinah, thank you so much for taking the time to reply. The information that you provided really helps! Your home is stunning! Thanks again!

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