Crafts for Girls with The Beatrix Girls

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Crafts for Girls with The Beatrix Girls -DIY Inspired

The Beatrix Girls is an accomplished pop band with their own original music that inspires little pop stars around the world through music and friendship. The band consists of four girls, Lark, Chantal, Ainsley, and Brayden, and each girl has a fun, relatable, and spunky personality.  Your daughters can watch the girls Beatrix Tube with new music and new episodes every week. Today I want to share two fun kid’s or tween crafts for girls with The Beatrix Girls, Lark and Chantal, that showcases their personalities. Mia and I both fell in love with these girls, and making these crafts together were so much fun.

But first, let me introduce you to the band! Lark plays the bass, Chantal is on the keyboards, Ainsley plays the drums, and Brayden plays guitar and is the lead singer.

The Beatrix Girls- DIY Inspired

 As I mentioned today, I want to introduce Lark and Chantal and their instruments. Here they are! Aren’t they adorable?

Lark from the Beatrix Girls (2)

The Beatrix Girls-Lark-Guitar

Crafts for Girls -Chantal Beatrix Club

The Beatrix Girls-Chantal-Keyboard


This is Lark. She is the band’s bass guitarist. She is very active and loves adventure, including riding her skateboard, snowboard, and surfboard. With summertime here, I thought I’d share how I made her a little beach bag by repurposing an old hand towel.

Lark from the Beatrix Girls (1)

Doll Beach Bag


  • Hand Towel
  • Needle and Thread
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon
  • Hot Glue and Glue Gun

Start with any hand towel. I used a chartreuse color.

Crafts for Girls Beach Bag from Repurposed Towel

Cut the towel into a 3.5” wide strip.

Crafts for Girls Beach Bag Repurposed

Fold the towel in thirds and sew the bottom third together.

Crafts for Girls Beach Bag for Dolls How To

Turn it inside out. You now have your beach bag with a flap.

Crafts for Girls Beach Bag for Dolls

My daughter and I chose colors we thought Lark would like, and bought some ribbon to embellish the bag.

Crafts for Girls Beach Bag DIY

We cut each strip to size and hot glued them onto the bag. Ta da! Instant beach bag!

Crafts for Girls Beach Bag Doll Sized

Crafts for Girls

Crafts for Girls with Lark from The Beatrix Girls


Chantal is an adorable French speaking Canadian. She plays the keyboard and loves working with marzipan, sipping on French onion soup, and relaxing with scented candles. Since I am no stranger for making scented candles, I thought it’d be cute to make one for Chantal. Mia says that Chantal is her favorite. After all, who can resist that adorable accent?

Chantal from The Beatrix Girls Popstar Club


Chantal’s Candle


I made this candle out of beeswax and used a Mason jar as my container. Check out my full step by step tutorial for making candles. It’s a great craft for tweens if done with adult supervision.

Crafts for Girls DIY Candle

Mia and I picked a blue sparkly piece of scrapbook paper with stars for Chantal. I printed my Chantal Printable on adhesive paper and cut it out.

Crafts for Girls Candle Making Printable

Crafts for Girls Candle Making Chantal Printable

We wrapped the candle Mason jar with the scrapbook paper and then stuck on our printable.

Crafts for Girls Candle Making

If you don’t want to make your own candle, this printable will fit on many different types of candles.

Crafts for Girls Candle Making with Chantal

Crafts for Girls with Chantal from Beatrix Girls

Chantal from the Beatrix Girls

To learn more about The Beatrix Girls and listen to their music, visit them at The Beatrix Girls. You can also subscribe to their YouTube channel Beatrix Tube and watch them in action! You can also follow the girls on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

I can’t wait to share with you what I make for Ainsley and Brayden! Stay tuned!

Crafts for Girls with The Beatrix girls Popstar Club

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