Four Easy Repurpose Ideas


Four Easy Repurpose Ideas To Help You Stay Organized

My husband’s idea of being eco-friendly is not changing the light bulbs until there is only one left and we can barely see at night anymore.  Ha! Just kidding! To me, repurposing is more like it! If you’ve read this blog before, you already know how obsessed with it I am so I thought I’d share four easy repurpose ideas to help you stay organized at home.

Repurposing  is a fantastic eco-friendly way to use your creativity and save money at the same time. Do-It-Yourself repurposing is a creative way to custom turn an old cherished piece with character into something new instead of throwing it away. I’ve said it a thousand times before… Turn your trash into treasure!

Repurposed Chicken Wire Earring Holder

Idea #1: Turn a Frame into an Earring Holder

Frames are easy to find at garage sales and thrift stores. You may even have an extra one laying around in your garage. Make it useful and paint it a fun color and use it to display your jewelry. Here is a tutorial by Laci Jane: Repurposed Earring Holder. She also did a video to go with it.

You can also use this idea for:

  • Office organizer for memos and notes
  • Bow and ribbon organizer for a girl’s bathroom or bedroom
  • Craft room organization by adding “s” hooks and baskets

Dresser for Craft Storage

IDEA #2: Turn a Dresser into Craft Storage

Here is another idea for upcycling something that is easy to find. Again, it’s amazing what a little paint and hardware change will do. Here’s my idea for repurposed craft storage. The best part is that I didn’t spend any money. I used things I already had. The drawers are velvet lined so they are perfect for my craft tools.

You can also use this idea in a master closet or dressing room to hold:

  • Accessories
  • Sunglasses
  • Jewelry

Here is a quick video.

IDEA #3: Clever Repurpose Ideas for Binder Clips

OK, this one is more than ONE idea, but you get the picture. Here are some fun and clever ways to repurpose binder clips! Check out my binder clip hack video for lots of creative uses for binder clips.

Lastly, on to repurposing idea number four…

Creative Ways to Use a Torch- DIY Repurposed Spoons

IDEA #4: Turn Spoons into a Useful Rack with Hooks

This was a fun repurpose idea for upcycling utensils. You can find these at almost any thrift store. I made a towel rack for my kitchen in a few easy steps.

I hope you liked these easy and clever ways to repurpose.


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