Repurposed Phonebook Flowers

I don’t know why I get SO annoyed when this shows up at my front door step.

The phonebook.  Every year I get it; it stays in the plastic bag and gets shoved in this cupboard I can’t reach above my stove.  When I get the next one, I throw the old one away (still in the bag).  Since the internet and mobile phones, I don’t even know why they still waste paper and continue printing them.  I mean, will my daughter ever even know what the phonebook is?

Anyway, in mid disposal and very close to committing DIY Inspired blasphemy, I remembered that I could not simply throw out this phonebook rather I would have to do my crafty diligence and repurpose it into something new.

I have experience with creatively recycling old books.  I have made a book page wreath, book page water colored flowers, book page magnets, and I even hollowed out an old antique book to make a book safe.  Since I get so vexed with its arrival, I decided I wanted to turn this phonebook into something pretty.  Paper flowers were my answer.

There are several origami flower tutorials online.  I decided on a variation of a Kusudama flower tutorial from Folding Trees.  For origami tutorials, I think it’s best to just show the pictures of this repurposed phonebook flowers.


It’s quite simple.  I used 6”X6” pages using a paper cutter.  Each flower uses five square sheets.  You can make them any size you wish.  Consider using them to adorn gifts, make a garland, or make an entire bouquet.  Here are a couple after photos.

Ok, so that’s two down, at five pages per flower and 1000 pages in the phonebook…uh…

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  1. I love this flower..not seen this one..thanks for sharing..I keep telling my Grand-daughter we’re gonna make a christmas tree out of one..I love flowers better..thanks for sharing.

  2. What a nice idea to use the phone book! I’ve seen regular books and music sheets, but this is fun!

  3. I still use a phone book. I don’t have the numbers for all my neighbors and stores and etc in my cell phone. Besides I live where we don’t have the best cell service and I can’t look them up on line. So, one thing my grandmother did with her old phone books each year was put them in the “junk” box for the grandkids and great grandkids. There were things in there like old playing cards (for building card houses, keeps kids busy for a long time), junk mail w/stickers, and lots of other useful things. My kids learned to write their letters in old phone books by copying the letters on the page. They could color, draw, stick stickers and do lots of other things w/the pages. This was before I got into repurposing, and now I see how they could be used in so many other crafts. So, don’t write them off yet, they can serve very useful purposes, and putting the pages in printers now you can do some great colored printing on those book pages that are FREE!

  4. bonjour j adore vos petites fleurs les dernieres de votre blog mais je n arrive pas du tout a les faire je ne comprend pas comment plier a partir du numero 3 !!!! grrrrrr je dois etre vraiment nulle

    1. Hi Clo! Pull the bottom right corner upwards. The tip of the bottom right corner should meet the tip of the center of the triangle. Does that make sense? Good luck!! 🙂

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