Recycled Plastic Jug Robot Bank Kids Craft

Recycled Jug Robot Bank (6)

We save a lot of our plastic containers and reuse them for several things.  This time, Mia and I decided to make a robot bank out of a recycled plastic jug. Mia named him “Mr. Robot”. She speaks in a deep voice whenever she refers to him which cracks me up! We made our robot out of things we already had. Here is our list of materials. You may have different items around the house so this list can vary.


  • Plastic jug
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Various craft punches
  • Bottle caps
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Pompoms


This is what our plastic jug looked like BEFORE.

Recycled Jug Robot Bank

The first thing Mia said was that he was naked, so she picked some green paper out of our scrap paper bin and we gave him clothes.

Recycled Jug Robot Bank (1)

Mia is three and a half. This is a great age for child safety scissors and craft punches.  I let her cut and punch out what she wanted.

Recycled Jug Robot Bank (5)

Recycled Jug Robot Bank (2)

She made eyes out of circle punches and bottle caps, nose and ears out of pompoms, a mouth out of a plastic top, and I cut out a mustache and bow tie that she glued on herself.

Recycled Jug Robot Bank (3)

This is her posing with Mr. Robot. She’s such a ham!

Recycled Jug Robot Bank (4)

She said he was missing a hat so we made one out of scrap paper and added a flower on top with some craft punches. Here he is!

Recycled Jug Robot Bank (6)

I used hot glue for some of it and she used a glue stick for the hat embellishments, mustache, and box tie. We loved how he turned out! She didn’t want to glue the hat on so the cap can easily be opened. We are going to use him as a bank and fill him with coins.

Recycled Robot Bank

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