Creative Ways to Repurpose Old Books

A Dozen Creative Ways to Repurpose Old Books

We LOVE to read. Think twice before throwing away your old damaged books. You can’t really sell them for much anyway! Take the eco-friendly route and repurpose them into something new and inventive and take the trash to treasure route.   We put together some fun repurposing ideas for your old books to get your creative juices flowing. Here are several creative ways to repurpose old books!

Stack of Vintage Books and Taper Candles

Where to Find Damaged Books

Libraries have a process called weeding. Books that are weeded include books that have torn pages or broken spines, and would not survive further circulation. These books are too damaged to donate or too worn to sell at a discount to benefit the library. Ask your local libraries for books in this category; perhaps you can give them new life with one of these ideas.

Repurpose Books for Home Decor

DIY Book Page Butterfly Wreath


Here is a list of creative home decor ideas made from old books or old book pages.

  • Make a book page butterfly wreath. (shown above)
  • Make a storybook clock for a nursery. You can purchase a clock kit at any craft store and turn any hard cover book into a clock. Simply drill a hole in the center and add your clock kit.
  • Turn one into a unique lamp.
  • Make your own book page wallpaper. Cover an accent wall in book pages.
  • Make a book page wreath. (shown above)
  • Create interesting artwork and make an invisible book shelf.
  • Use them in Holiday or Seasonal Crafts.
  • Use them to hide things. See the front and back of a secret storage idea below.

Stenciled Fall Book Pages

Easy Stenciled Fall Decor Idea

To make this all you need is a few supplies.


  • Card Stock or Construction Paper
  • Book Pages
  • Letter Stencils
  • Pencil
  • Glue
  • Ribbon
  • Clothespins


Simply stencil letters onto old book pages and glue to a slightly larger piece of colored paper. The stencils pictured below are from iStencils. Use clothes pins to pin them on ribbon and drape them over a wreath , mirror, or frame. Consider cutting the paper in a smaller size than pictured for longer words. Change the background paper color and or pattern to fit the season, occasion, or your home decor style.

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DIY Hidden Storage Box with Recycled Books

Upcycle Books for DIY Gifts

  • Make your own postcards or reuse the covers for handmade greeting cards and post cards.
  • Make an interesting picture frame. Add some special and memorable photos to an old encyclopedia and use it as a frame to display in your home!
  • Hollow it out to make a secret hiding place.
  • A book purse seems like it would be a little heavy, but how ingenious! Turn books into a purse.

How to Hollow Out a Book to Make a Secret Book Safe

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DIY Furniture with Books

  • Create an interesting conversation piece and make a desk or coffee table.
  • Decoupage the pages to a dresser or table.
  • Securely tack them to make stools and side tables.

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