Repurposed Coca Cola Boxes

Repurposed Coca Cola Boxes

Repurposed Coca Cola Boxes for Books

Two old Coca Cola boxes were given to me the other day by a friend who didn’t know what to do with them.  Not much needed to be done to the boxes other than clean them and then let the creative juices flow! 

Here’s the boxes before they were cleaned:

Repurposed Coca Cola Boxes

One ended up on our coffee table holding our collection of Zane Grey and Louis L’Amour books.

Repurposed Coca Cola Boxes as Book Storage

Repurposed Coca Cola Boxes - DIY Inspired

I have a collection of 1950s red wood kitchen utensils and have had no way to display them.  Now, I do!

Repurposed Coca Cola Boxes as Kitchen Storage

The moral of the story is, always look beyond the original purpose of the item and see what new use it can serve for you.  Especially meaningful to me is that inside the box is stamped, 1972 Chattanooga, my new home!

Upcycled Coca Cola Boxes

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  1. Hi I’m wondering how you cleaned the box? I tried soap and water but the paint was chipping off. Also any suggestions on the metal part to clean the rust? Thanks!

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