3 Beach Inspired Crafts for Adults with Tutorials

Easy ideas for 3 Beach Inspired Crafts for Adults with Tutorials

With summer here, the beach really inspires me creatively, especially when it comes to entertaining. Here are 3 beach inspired crafts for adults with step by step instructions. You can use all three for your summer parties and BBQs this year!


DIY Shell Napkin Rings


  • Shells
  • Rope- I used manila rope (3/8 inch X 50 feet)
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue and Glue Gun
  • Strong Bonding Agent like E6000


Cut rope into 6 inch pieces. Play around with the length to reach your desired ring size. Simply hot glue the ends together to form a ring.  I like to use hot glue because it dries quickly and holds the rope very well. Glue the shell on top, covering where the ends of the rope meet. I used E6000 for a fast and strong bond.

DIY Wine Charms

DIY Recycled Wine Cork Wine Charms


  • Wine Corks (One cork will make six charms)
  • Serrated knife
  • Cutting board
  • Small sea shells
  • E6000
  • Small picture frame eye hook (one for each charm)
  • Hoop earring notion
  • Beads or charms (optional)
  • Small pliers


Using a serrated knife cut the wine cork into six even pieces. This is very easy to do by applying a little pressure.  Make sure you use a cutting board.  Choose one small shell for each of your charms.  Make sure they are all different. Use a strong glue to glue the shells onto the center of the cork.  I used E6000 but hot glue will adhere well also.  Screw in a small picture frame eye hook to the top of each charm. If you desire, add an extra charm or bead with the help of small pliers. Add the hoop earring notion to attach the charm to a wine glass.

DIY Rope Vase

DIY Nautical Rope Vases


  • Glass Vases
  • Rope – I used manila rope (3/8 inch X 50 feet)
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun and hot glue sticks

The best way to measure the amount of rope you need is to wrap it around the vase without gluing it until you reach the desired height and cut it.  This is easy to do with a thicker rope like the one I chose. Unwrap the “measured” rope and hot glue the end to avoid fraying. Wrap and attach the rope by wrapping and gluing as you go.

3 Beach Inspired Crafts for Adults with Tutorials - DIY Inspired

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