Repurposed Kitchen Inspiration

Unique Repurposed Kitchen Inspiration for Your Home

With our motto, “Repurpose, Reinvent”, we out some favorite repurposed kitchen ideas together. Here are several fun and creative ideas to upcycle and repurpose thrifty finds.

Use a bed spring as a recipe holder.

You can find old rusty bed and chair springs at flea markets. The rust adds some extra charm. Place it on it’s side to create a handy recipe holder. Here are several more clever ideas to repurpose bed springs.

Repurposed Recipe Holder

Use a vintage flower frog to hold kitchen utensils.

Also found second hand at thrift stores, estate sales, and flea markets, flower frogs are great for repurposing. Flower frogs used to be made of metal. They are used to place inside of vases for flower arranging. For your kitchen, simply use a metal flower frog to hold your most used kitchen utensils on your countertop. It also makes for a great conversation piece when you have guests over. Here are several more ideas for repurposing flower frogs.

Repurposed Flower Frog for Kitchen Utensils

Upcycle a Patron bottle to use as a serving dish.

Save those leftover liquor bottles. In fact, we have a great tutorial on how to remove tough labels from glass. Uniquely shaped bottles are great for upcycling. We used Patron tequila bottles to make these unique serving dishes. Here’s how we did it.

Patron Bottle Serving Dish

Bend spoons to create hooks for kitchen towels.

You’ll need a certain kind of spoon to do this but they are easily found. Here’s everything you need to know on how to make this cool repurposed spoon hook project.

Spoons Turned Hooks

Use a tension rod inside your kitchen sink cabinet to hold paper towels.

A super handy organization idea, use a small tension rod inside the cabinet under your sink to hold up your paper towels. It works great! Also, use Command hooks to hang fly swatters and dustpans inside the cabinet door.

Tension Rod for Paper Towels

Command Hook Kitchen Hack

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Make an interesting kitchen chandelier with spoons and forks.

If you REALLY want to get creative make a tea light chandelier with old spoons and forks. This one was spotted out antique shopping. It was too original not to snap a photo!

Repurposed Spoons

Cut up food boxes for drawer organization.

Simple and FREE, cut up leftover food boxes and use the bottoms to organize the inside of drawers. Do this for your office too. Use different sizes to customize your drawers. If desired, cover them in contact paper to make them look more uniform and finished.

Cardboard box drawer organization

Turn paper towel roll tubes into napkin rings to set your kitchen table.

Save those paper towel rolls. Cut them in about 2″ pieces and cover them with twine using hot glue. These make pretty and inexpensive napkin rings for the fall or for  beach or nautical theme decor. Here are the details on how to make these repurposed napkin rings.

Cardboard Tube Napkin Rings
Other Clever Repurposed Kitchen Ideas

  1. Apartment Therapy has countless inventive and creative ideas.  Check out this repurposed IKEA shoe rack turned pot holder and this salvaged card drawer turned kitchen storage.
  2. Poetic Home repurposed fruit crates for shelving and storage from. We love the idea of displaying canned preserves in old mason jars as opposed to hiding them in the cupboard.
  3. Anyone know where we can get truck springs? House Beautiful repurposed truck springs as bar or counter stools.
  4. Card catalogues are popular. Also from Poetic Home, a card catalogue for kitchen utensils has enough compartments to store your knives, forks, spoons, serving utensils, napkins, and more!
  5. Although not necessarily repurposed, Country Living upcycled and salvaged a dish rack to create a kitchen display.
  6. Craft Journal repurposed newsstand into a plate rack.
  7. Better Homes and Gardens hung forks upside down to display recipes, business cards, and photos.  Consider adding a magnet to the back of utensils and hanging them on your refrigerator.




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