Repurposed Patron Bottle Serving Platter

Upcycled Patron Bottle

This year I thought I’d take a shot at the Patron Bottle Art Competition. I mean, it IS $10K… The competition is fierce, and honestly I probably won’t win, but it was really fun coming up with a unique trash to treasure. I wanted to do something I haven’t seen (I did a Patron vase in the past) and after a couple days of racking my brain I came up with this repurposed Patron bottle serving platter.

This can be done in three very simple steps. Here’s what you need.


  • Empty and Clean Patron Bottle
  • Cheese Platter or Plate
  • E6000

Step One:

Throw a fabulous party with your friends and serve Patron margaritas. Okay, there’s only two steps…

Patron Bottle

Step Two:

This is the hardest part. Scour your local thrift stores for a cheese platter or cake platter. It’s a bonus if you find one with a cloche.

Cheese Platters with Cloche

Step Three:

I have tried many industrial strength adhesives and E6000 is the best. I made a cupcake platter years ago and it’s still holding strong! Glue the Patron bottle to the center of the plate or platter bottom. I left it there overnight to dry.

E6000 Craft Idea

Repurposed Patron Bottle Serving Platter

It turned out pretty cool! Perfect for a brunch on the patio with friends.

Repurposed Patron Bottle

Patron Bottle Art Competition (plus the chance to win $10,000)

To participate, take an empty Patron bottle and create your own unique piece of artwork. The contest runs through July 17 and nine people will be selected to receive $1,000, with the grand prize winner to be awarded $10,000. More details here.

Here are a few more photos.

Repurposed Patron Bottle Serving Platter DIY Inspired

Recycled Patron Bottle DIY

Patron Bottle DIY

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  1. Very creative! Another idea would be to have something inside of the bottle, like confette or something that might be decorative to a party or event. 🙂

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