Repurposed Vintage Door Knobs

Clever Ways to Use Repurposed Vintage Door Knobs

While perusing vintage flea markets you can find vintage door knobs in abundance and for a decent price.  They come in various colors and styles and in in different materials like glass and metal as well.  Sometimes you can even find the original matching door knob plate.  Here are some clever ideas for repurposing vintage door knobs.  The more patina there is, the more beautiful and unique the project.  Here are several fantastic inspirations for repurposed vintage door knobs.

This is a vintage glass door knob photo holder from Etsy shop, RustiqueArt.

repurposed-vintage-door-knobs (7)

This is a similar idea, but use it for place card holders or recipe holders instead. Glue a clip onto the spindle with industrial strength glue.

Vintage Door Knob Place Card Holder

Repurposed Door Knob Recipe Holder

Here is another clever and fun idea for a photo holder using wire. Simply wrap the wire around the shank and bend the wire to curve ending in a spiral shape.

repurposed-vintage-door-knobs (2)

This idea of using a pretty glass door knob as a curtain tie back is from Urban Outfitters.

repurposed-vintage-door-knobs (4)

Use knobs and pulls to create a DIY Jewelry Organizer on an old cabinet door.


Here is a cute idea from Restoring the Roost in which she made a useful door knob hanger for aprons in her kitchen or for hanging coats in your mudroom.

repurposed-vintage-door-knobs (1)

This similar idea for a door knob coat rack using salvaged wood from Pinterest.  It doubles as a pretty art piece as well.

repurposed-vintage-door-knobs (5)

A great way to display and organize jewelry, here is a door knob necklace holder.

repurposed-vintage-door-knobs (6)

This may be a favorite. Use the door knob and the plates for holding towels in your bathroom from Not Just a Housewife.

repurposed-vintage-door-knobs (3)

Other Ways to Repurpose an Old Door Knob

Repurposing old door knobs can be a creative and environmentally friendly way to give them new life. Here are some clever ideas:

  1. Garden Decor: Stick old door knobs into the soil in your garden to create unique and whimsical plant markers.
  2. Picture or Art Hangers: Mount door knobs on the wall to hang picture frames or small pieces of art.
  3. Memo Board: Attach door knobs to a framed board and use them as hooks for keys, notes, or small items.
  4. Table Leg Extenders: If the door knobs are sturdy enough, attach them to the bottom of table legs to add height or a decorative touch.
  5. Napkin Rings: Use door knobs as napkin rings for a vintage or shabby-chic table setting.
  6. Drawer Pulls: Replace old or plain drawer pulls with unique and decorative door knobs for a custom look.
  7. Rack for Scarves or Belts: Mount door knobs on a piece of wood to create a stylish rack for hanging scarves, belts, or ties.
  8. Towel Hooks: Install door knobs in the bathroom as towel hooks for a unique and charming touch.
  9. Garden Gate Handles: Use door knobs as handles for garden gates or shed doors.

Remember to clean and possibly repaint the door knobs to match your desired aesthetic before using them in these projects.

Can you think of more creative ways to repurpose a door knob?


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