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Being a creative craft and DIY Blogger, there are times where I get stuck.  I personally have the pressure (that I put on myself) of inspiring others… after all that’s why I started DIY Inspired.  Today, I am stuck. I bought these two mirrors at HomeGoods for a steal!  They were in the clearance section because they were damaged.  One frame retailed for $120 and I got it for $8 and the other retailed for $80 and I got it for $12. I couldn’t pass that up!! Even the cashiers were amazed when I went to check out. Needless to say, I need some mirror makeover inspiration.

I don’t want to just repair and paint it like I did with this free curbside pick-up, or turn them into organization boards like this one and this one.  I want to do something totally different.  Here are a few pictures.

This one is the smaller one.  It’s 30”X35”.  This was the one that was originally $80.00 and I got it for $12.00. This one is not real wood. (See my craft room in the reflection??)

mirror-makeover (2) (411x560)

Here is a close-up of the damage.

mirror-makeover (3) (560x372)

This one is the larger one.  It’s 41”X33”.  This was originally $120.00 and I got it for $8.00!

mirror-makeover (4) (433x560)

Here is the close-up of the damage on this one.

mirror-makeover (5) (560x372)

mirror-makeover (1) (560x372)

Both of the mirrors are beveled and in perfect condition… not even a tiny scratch!  So here’s where I’m stuck.  Do I repurpose them completely?  A coffee table? OR do I just upcycle them? Add driftwood? Add metal? I’m lost!

I DO know that I would like them to look more upscale and less “crafty”.  Any thoughts out there in the WWW? Help!

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  1. Hi Dinah, Mirrors are my favourite thing to work with. I like to Mosaic on the mirror surface and carry the design on to the frame. I use pottery from the local beach, broken tiles, glass beads, broken jewellery, and anything else that sparkles.
    I use tile grout to stick my design in place and leave it to set overnight.
    Using thick card I spread a good amount of tile grout over the mosaic to fill in any spaces.
    Once it’s dry, remove any excess grout then polish.
    Now to decide if you want a mirror or a table.

    Girvan, Scotland, UK

  2. For those mirrors: once I had a similar object and I turned the frame so they looked like crackledmarble. Very lovely even years later.

  3. Photocopying lots of your favourite images in black and white onto cream paper to do a decoupage frame. That away fixing the frame with filler won’t show. Pictures of ornate framed mirrors would be centrist chic.
    Would be shameful to change the frame when it’s not really needed.
    Regards Deborah.

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