Repurposed Wheelbarrow Address Sign

Repurposed Wheelbarrow Address Sign

Repurposed Wheelbarrow Address Sign

What do you do with an old beat up wheelbarrow?  Use it to display your house numbers!  Now our house numbers can be easily be seen from the street.  This trash to treasure make over began with finding it in a field. 

Repurposed Wheelbarrow DIY

First, it needed to be taken apart, cleaned and sanded.

Repurposed Wheelbarrow Makeover

Repurposed Wheelbarrow Tutorial

It was pitted and rusty from being out in the field for over 20 years.  After sanding, I applied a base coat with a brush and then added four coats of spray paint.  You can see that the base coat just began to cover the rust!

Repurposed Wheelbarrow Trash to Treasure

When finished, the wheelbarrow looked good, but still needed numbers and something to make it pop! I decided to add a bear because with a name like Berokoff, why not?! This called for another visit to Connie Early, to add house numbers and the bear.  She added the monogram to my upcycled retro vintage chair. Now, our house numbers are easy to see and this trash to treasure makes a nice addition to our front porch!

Repurposed Wheelbarrow DIY Inspired

Repurposed Wheelbarrow Turned Address Sign

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